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So, as some of you know I'm planning on spending a few days in Seattle on my round-a-bout trip to Lake McDonald for the summer; May 18th(2pm)-21st(4pm). I'm trying to decide what to do while I'm there and was hoping that some of you who have been through there before could recommend something.
So far I've got:
-Space Needle(Eat a $25 burger there for lunch one day)
-Under the Sea 3D Imax
-Science Center(I'm a kid at heart)
-Music Project and SciFi mueseum(I'm also a geek at heart)
-Lunch at Ivar's
-Dinner at Elliott's
-Dinner at Nijo(Sake!)
-The Pike Market(an entire morning with a mid-morning break at the adjacent brewery)
-Drink one(or two) of each beer at the Pike Brewery the first night.
-Underground Seattle, perhaps?
-Picnic at the giant fountain.(I might cheat and eat a $5 foot-long(I hate their commercials))
-What else?

Bear in mind that I won't have a car so I strategically positioned myself at the Travelodge at the Space Needle so I can take the monorail to and from the Pike and dock area. I'm still looking for a drinking buddy so as everyone finalizes their travel plans for the summer and will be in Seattle at the same time, let me know.

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the pike market is an good place u can watch them catch the fish there its cool to watch the space needle isnt bad been there before but hasnt been to the other places
Everything on your list sounds great! I'll be happy to meet you for an activity or two, but not all 10. ;)

Also, The Salmon Cooker has better (smoked) fish and chips than Ivar's IMHO.

Kari : )
Excellent, I'll hold you to it. Let me know which/what you would like to do and I'll send you more detailed info. in a few days. I'd rather not go out to eat with you if you're dating a pirate or a ninja, though. If you aren't, I would love some company come mealtime even if it's just $5 foot-longs next to the fountain. Last year I spent a couple of days there on my way to Glacier Bay and there was a naked child chasing other children around in the water. They weren't as enthused about the game as he was though, so I assume that little nekked children aren't as common in Seattle as I first assumed. :) Anyway, I look forward to hanging out with you and I'll be in touch.
Sounds good. I live here so I can easily meet you downtown. LOL, I'm not dating a pirate or a ninja, but I am married. Maybe Tuesday for lunch? FYI - I have an annual pass to the Space Needle complete with free guest pass so I'll be able to treat you to that. : )

If any other Cool Workers are around, please join! I'd love to get a whole gang together.

That sounds great. I'll get in touch with you later when I know more about my plans and a group would be cool but I can't seem to find anyone.
if you are heading thru Helena on your way from Seattle to Glacier hit me up, I'll be at home in Helena until I head up myself May 21st. Would love to hang out in Seattle but its a wee bit out of my way ;-) & if you are checking in the 21st maybe we can convoy it up there together?
I would like to but I'm taking the train from Seattle to East Glacier and checking in on the 22nd so I'll see you then. I'm sure you'll run into me sooner than later; I'm working the bar. By the way, have you heard anything good about the housing yet or seen any pictures?
not for Lake McDonald...I've been to the ones @ East & they seemed pretty decent I guess...older cabins with maybe 10 rooms per cabin, 2-4 people in each room, normal dorm sized rooms with room for a desk, chair, lock boxes & small dresser or clothes rack, the 4-person dorms were bunk beds. The walls seemed paper thin however. I would assume Lake McDonald would have similar. I have heard that 2 Med had the worst dorms at one point & were prone to flooding but apparently they had new ones built last year so they now have the best ones...but I'm pretty sure i heard someone say Lake McDonald's were pretty good compared to the rest.

The older folks dorms at East seemed to all be 1 to a room but were about the same size, plus they had a sink & medicine chest on the wall. I requested a room there just cuz i am concerned about the noise & even tho I may party it up occasionally Im not one to do it every night & I would like to get some sleep & have someplace that was just my own to go chill & enjoy some privacy if need be. I am of the opinion that partying should be kept in the bar so as not to disturb your neighbors. I havent lived in dorms or shared housing with anyone but girlfriends in about 10 years & im not very good at sharing...a.k.a. having roommates "borrow" things when Im not around and then never seeing them again. Havent heard back from HR about it yet tho, & Im not even sure if they let you make requests like that before the season starts. But I did anyway! Hah. It never hurts to ask I guess right?

I hear that train ride is about the best & funnest way to travel that there is...enjoy! You should make awesome money at the bar there too, I guess that's the more commercialized location & gets busier & more touristy than the others.

6 weeks!!! 6 short, short weeks!!! & i still have so much to take care of before then its ridiculous...I had no idea it took so long to get rid of all the junk I have accumulated living in the same place for the past 4 years!


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