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Hey everyone!

Fairly new to this site, spent a few hours today sending out applications to various places. Got about 12 applications out, wrote them all down, with phone numbers. Is it okay to call these places and check up after a few days so they know you've applied?

What is the best way to get a seasonal job and how did you go about it?

I'm really wanting to work in Alaska but if I get something somewhere else I will absolutely take it!

Am I applying to late? I've been applying at all the places im qualified for in the latest jobs and hiring now section.


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Welcome to Cool Works.

If you sent out 12 applications then you have started out well. Most places start accepting applications about this time of the year however they may wait a month to see which employees are going to return before contacting you. Some will want to interview you before hiring you and others may just check your references and then send you an email offering you a job. I would wait at least a week before contacting them unless they give instructions not to contact them or to wait a certain amount of time before contacting them.

Thanks guys! This is too exciting. I really hope to hear from someone! :)

I may check references here in a week just to let them know I really exist and really want to work seasonally somewhere. Of course I won't contact jobs who said not to, but I am nervous about annoying them by calling or something.. 

Alaska is going on a hiring binge real soon. Start applying...Alyeska Ski Resort (just south of anchorage, but still far away enough) is hiring now and will be taking on employees virtually all the way through summer (I am a room-service server).  Be aware that if you want a server-type job you need to be 21 or over (if it includes alcohol sales).  Denali is also a great place to start, but it is hard to go places unless you get a car or are good at convincing others to give you a ride. Cooper Landing area is busy with fishing and there are several spots on coolworks that hire from there. Do not pack too much; There are many places in Anchorage to buy what you need when you get here. Good luck...  :)

I will apply at the ski resort right now! I've applied at Denali, I just got an email today from Chena Hot Springs resort about a house keeping position that they're hiring for ASAP. The soonest I can possibly get there is a couple weeks out, so I'm hoping that will be okay.. HOPING.

Thanks for your advice, if you have anymore feel free to lay it on me. I wanna know everything there is to know, especially about Alaska, because that is where I think i'm headed!

Chena will be awesome for Northern Lights..It is THE spot. But far away from anything...I strongly recomend buying a beater to drive around with.  And a good camera.... it can get insanely cold there. They have a bar built of ice

Alyeska has housing, a bright spot for Girdwood. The coffee shop will produce decent tips... a very 'hippy type" atmosphere although many have moved to the town of Homer. Which is another great spot to be....

I have left Alaska once to work in Yellowstone in 2009 and I came back screaming for Alaska. It will grab your heart...  :)   In Alaska I finally found home



Oh yes...a free sking and keyboarding pass at Alyska for the season...  :)


Alyeska sounds amazing! I will be taking a plane to Fairbanks if I get the job at Chena.. So I would have to save for a car.

Alyeska sounds AMAZING, and a hippie atmosphere? I was born in Eugene, OR, that's just my scene. Lol. WOW, okay, I will be applying there definitely. I've never been to Alaska but for some reason I want to get ther so bad, right now! 

Thanks for your tips they are wonderful!

Darn, I can apply online but it says they are doing a job fair soon. 

DANGIT. I will apply anyways

Apply... they need the help. You will be ahead of the job fair, an excellent spot to be in. Seth Molen is food service manager...he is a good man to work for.  Are you over 21? If so, the tips are decent and they are short-handed. If not, maybe the coffee shop has openings... I am not too familiar with the non food-service side of things...


I do have 7 years of food service and restaurant experience, and I am over 21.

Put in a good word for me will ya?? haha.

I applied for the hostessing, and bussing position. 

If you are dropping applications to the Denali area, make sure to get one in for Aramark/Doyon Joint Venture (there are several Aramark properties, but the ones at the Joint Venture (JV) pay prevailing wage, and you are housed in the park. I drove from them the year before last, good spot! For food service they run a restaurant, coffee shop, a store (mercantile) with coffee/ice cream service, a staff cafeteria, and a small bar (the Spike).

After working all over Alaska and the Yukon, I've come to love Denali, fun atmosphere, instant wilderness access, good variety of people, lots of recreation opportunities, and better pay (depending on the job) than other parts of the state. I am not coming back to the JV, but will be back in Denali, working for Husky Homestead, less pay, but amazing place to work!

DJ I plan on visiting the Husky Homestead, I look forward too it.



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