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I am sure everyone wants to make the most of their summer experience as you work in amazing locations, meet people from around the world, and explore nature. There will be a ton of great people you develop friendships with. There will also be negative nancies.... Like the saying states, misery loves company. Don't let your experience be ruined by people who are miserable and want you to be miserable. I figure if all they want to do is be childish and negative, they aren't worthy your time anyways.

Surround yourself with like minded and positive people who would rather spend time having a good time and exploring the location you are at instead of worrying about issues that doesn't concern them. You will see people who worry about drama that doesn't concern them, will be the people who either quit or get fired because they aren't mature enough to be happy and not gossip like school kids.

I am sure other people have tips for making the most of your summer job experience. I look forward to reading your thoughts on this topic. Have a great weekend.



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I had a boss tell me once, "If you come in with an attitude, you'll leave with a bad attitude". Negative people shy away from me. Need a guy to start "the wave" in line at Wal-Mart? Tell the woman at the drive-thru that you want your food "to go"? Sing Christmas songs in July? Oh yeah, that would be me. Some say I'm crazy. Since I'm poor I can't be eccentric. Let's just say my bag of marbles started out half empty and the seem has ripped out, thus scattering my marbles all over the ground.


Well said..... Thanks for giving your input on this matter......



Ha! At least somebody on here admits they've lost their marbles! 

That is one of my favorite things about my season last year.  I think the only slightly negative thing I heard all season at the end of the season is one of the guides thought her tips were a little down from the previous year.  It was amazing...and part of the reason the return rate is very high.  They can get a bit touchy-feely, but they usually know when people feel uncomfortable with are more likely to get a hug from your supervisor than critiqued.

But, yeah, in every other place there is always a core that seem not to be happy unless they are complaining about something...even if it has nothing to concern them directly.


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