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    Several of you should be able to point me in the right direction in this matter.
    To be honest, I'm pretty tired of applying each season to several places and worrying about whether or not I get a job, especially in this economy.  I want to find a great year-'round place to work for a while but if I am going to do this it needs to be some place I really love.  Here's what I'm looking for:

1.  Lake or river to kayak, raft and/or swim in during the summer.
2.  Snow in the winter.
3.  No more than one roommate.
4.  Someplace to cook; I HATE e.d.r. food and want an employee kitchen.
5.  Mountains

If anyone will help me out I will appreciate it.  I am going to apply to every place suggested starting this winter.  The list above is in order, by the way, and I'm a bartender/server.  Thanks in advance.

p.s.- No Xanterra, I've heard too many folks say they hate working for them and never will again.

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when you find it let me know. no but really that sounds like a lot of places in the US. portland or seattle are good choices. you are within a hour and half from everything. the only bad thing, the economy is the same here as it is almost everywhere else. the thing is also, i think a lot of people are thinking along the same lines as you. i know at my job last summer, just about everyone was trying to get one of the few winter positions that were available that normally nobody whats, so i think the competition is even more fierce then with just seasonal positions. not trying to discourage you, just being a realist
Try moving to Jackson hole . lots of jobs there . You could work in the Tetons or Yellowstone during the summer or in the town vise verse for winter and then just get your own apartment so you cook for your self or bring an rv to one of the places in the park . By bringing an RV to s a summer will allow you to cook for your self and be your home etc but can be spend y if you are not careful etc . All those options can come into play . I'm with Jon , let us no when you find that spot lol
Jackson Hole looks like the most likely candidate so far and I would love to work in Washington but there don't seem to be many options there. As far as getting an apt. goes, I would love to but I've always been a bit apprehensive accepting a job and then hoping I can find a place to live but it looks like it's coming down to that. Grand Targhee looks good. I just need to find some more like it.
once u get an job there the rest should be easy to get an apartment try craiglist
yeah, i now i am from washington, but just about everybody else isn't, my roommates are from NC, Penn, and the oregon coast. my roommies last year were from the south or eastern europe. finding places to live will really be the easy part it will be finding a job, but thats the other good part about washington and seattle in particular is that people are still going out and eating and drinking. my sis is a bartender in wallingford and she said she really hasn't seen a drop off at all. when i go out to my usual places they are still packed.
with all that you have puget sound, lake union, and lake washingtion for sea kayaking, a couple of great ww river within 40 min and ski areas within 1 to 2 hours.
you can always hook up a place to live before you arrive and if your roomies turn out to be dicks just bail on them after you have time to set your self you elsewhere.
now if i have to suggest a neighborhood, for me there are only 2 choices and that would be wallingford or ballard. west seattle isn't that bad and queen anne is very nice (but very crowded even for seattle). i also like eastlake, but that to is small and crowded. the reasons i like those areas are there proximity to water (i to am a kayaking freak) and there is a lot of entertainment. in reality there really isn't a bad area in seattle, just a little crowded in certain areas. most everybody out here is a outdoor enthusiast or hipsters but we all seem to co-exist with no problems,
as for portland, that is pretty much my hometown so everything is easy there for me, so i have no idea how it is on outsiders. in pdx, i have always lived by myself and my local connections enabled me to find work that paid extremely well. but in portland i never suffered either.
anyway that my 2cents, hope it helps.
got an brother in law live in portland name shane jack i've always wanted to live there but my wife wont move there its to big for her
oh gess reg, it really is a small town with a couple of high rises lol. seriously i think it my only be a little bigger the anchorage. but then agian, i don't know your wife and you do and have to make happy.
Seattle is the only city I've been to so far in which I could see myself living and being happy; most big cities I've been to are @#$% holes.
don't count out Seattle referring to big cities!!!!!!
I WAS referring to Seattle as a big city.
Stevenson's Pass, WA. you live in town and get bused back and forth to work. Snow in the winter and summer work.
stevens pass? and if it is i don't think they have summer employment. you could however work the winter season at stevens pass, then in the summer you could raft guide during the summer in the same area. the only problem would be the time in the spring and fall between seasons and the rent in the stevens pass area is really expensive


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