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Will be working in Yellowstone this summer. Planning a photo trip to the Tetons when time permits and am wondering the most interesting place to photograph. I know people will say anywhere is a good place but please, if you had one place to walk to in the afternoon, where would it be?

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The Oxbow Bend area of the Snake looking towards Moran is the classic shot. Stop in Signal's parking lot too, or right after Signal you can drive down to the water too. Jenny Lake is the best for the cathedral group. If you have time walk from there to the bridge by String Lake. I'd suggest seeing Hidden Falls/Inspiration point and maybe the drive up Signal Mtn....but I have never seen a photograph that's been able to capture what's at those points. A less visited place that can have some great shots is back by the old Bar BC Ranch.
Thanks for the info. Just what I was looking for. Will post any good shots on Photo Fanatics group later this summer.
I did the drive up signal mountain last summer. You can get some interesting wide angle shots of Jackson Hole and the entire Teton range from up there. It was fairly hazy the day I was there ... hopefully you will hit it on a crystal clear day.
Make sure you get up to a little hidden treasure above String Lake called Laurel Lake. The trail is hard to find from the String Lake trail. I always went up the hill to the left of the back side of the lake no brush a couple of logs and not as steep. Laurel Lake was formed by a slide if you find it you'll now it by the large rock at the upper end of the lake. Have Fun...
Jim- The Mormon Row barns are a popular photographic spot. The wilderflowers around the park are spectacular this year. Try Lupin Meadows now and up in the high country next month. In the high country, anything in Cascade Canyon from Hidden Falls up to Lake Solitude is a wonderful photo opportunity. There is also a book on the subject called "Photographer's Guide to Yellowstone and the Tetons " by Joseph Lange. As for wildlife, we now have 2 different mother bears hanging around the park near the roads. One stays mostly near Highway 89 between Colter Bay Village and Jackson Lake Lodge and the other seems to hand out somewhere between Signal Mountain and Jackson Lake lodge. One has 3 cubs (Bear #399) and one has 2 cubs (her daughter, #610). They have been providing quite a few photo opps for the last month or so and should continue to for the rest of the season.
Thanks for the info Terry. I am in Maine this summer, Monhegan Island. I did get many photo ops last summer in the Tetons though.


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