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so it's getting ready to start wondering and looking for work in the winter season.when is the best time to start applying for the next job of your choice?i'm thinking now or this month of july sometimes before the month is out.i was looking eleswhere because this is my 6th year outhere in yellowstone with xanterra and it's been a amazing life in the mountains of wyoming.i love arizona,grand canyon south rim and north rim,but 1 of them is closed for the winter months i hear.i also like delaware north co.too,i shop their stores outhere mostly daily and i need to be working for them right now.xanterra is up for bid and a lot of companies wants what they have now,is yellowstone.but i heard a couple people saying how they hated grand canyon-south rim and management was poor plus they like to pick on people but i think these people got fired and is teed know we all got to deal with our own battles everywhere.i'm looking for a place to work but kinda warmer then yellowstone in the you have any good ideals for those places or have you ever worked them?

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Hi Flora.  Just a couple of years ago, I would have said several start look in July...but I think that has changed.  Most places now start in August and even September.  Grand Canyon South Rim has both Xanterra and DNC...winter can be slow there and I have heard of hours cut.  It will also be chilly, but not quite as cold as Yellowstone.

There is Rancho de los Caballeros in Wickenburg, Arizona.  They might have started looking already and they will start in early October.  This winter I'm planning on looking at Yosemite (DNC), the Lajitas Resort in Texas, Stovepipe Wells in Death Valley, and Coldfoot, possibly Copper Mountain.  Lajitas and Stovepipe will be warmer than Yellowstone.

Good luck.

Actually just saw on the Rancho de los Caballeros Facebook page that they have started looking as of last Friday.

There's a couple of places that I have in  mind for the winter just put in my transfer for death valley I have two recomadations  both from managers that used to work there for the winter so i'm just waiting to hear from them another place is just in case death valley fell through is copper mountain and another is sun valley,  I'm pretty much sure I got them just waiting to hear from them.

I wouldn't consider Death Valley as although it is definitely warm in the winter (though not always by any means), it's also a parched, barren, ugly wasteland. If you like Yellowstone, you wouldn't like it there. It's also VERY isolated, with the nearest city of any size (Vegas) being a 3-hour drive away.

Keep in mind, if you hear a lot of people complaining about a given employer, it's unlikely they were all fired, and that's why they're really complaining, or that their complaints are unfounded. Employers (especially the bad ones) like to paint everyone who complains about working conditions as misfits and malcontents. Heck, it even happens in this forum (more often than you'd think--I regularly get flamed and called names whenever I criticize employers, and one of the things the flamers always say is that I must be some kind of malcontent and troublemaker who was fired by those companies for very good reasons and that I therefore just have an ax to grind). So my point is, where there's smoke there is usually fire--if you read multiple complaints about a given employer, that's a valid warning sign--a red flag if you are considering working for them.




People can like two totally different environments for what they are like.  It's quite possible to like both Yellowstone and Death Valley.  For example I am very comfortable in the more remote areas of the country and would also absolutely love it if a company in Times Square would look for seasonal help...maybe trips to Ellis Island... I love the desert and the ocean, I love mountains and the valleys and plains.  I love cold and snow and blistering heat....

warmer...Big Bend in TX,  Death Valley in CA, Rancho de Los Caballeros in AZ...and yes GCSR, does get snow during the winter but the rent is super cheap. Someone is always talking about Xanterra being up for bid...but the rent has not changed @ GCSR, for over 15 yrs that I know of.

Actually, sunni xanterra  up for bid there contract up somewhere around act I've met some of the people that're trying to get, for example, DNC ARAMARK OR DISNEY to name  a few, I'm hoping Aramark or disney would get it, but we will see   as for as rather being  isolated, I'm used to it been doing this for ten years,  so I know the in's and outs of it death valley, I've herd a lot of good things from people that work there that's in my department, and there is planning on going back this winter,  there're pro's and cons of working seasonal jobs  ITS HOW YOU MAKE OF IT. 

Well whoever gets GCSR, I hope they leave the price of rent alone...and of course national parks are isolated; who would put a national park in the middle of a city?

Sunni, Most National Park concessions are up for bid at sometime.  I think Xanterra in Furnace Creek is an exception and whomever redevelops the property at Flamingo, if ever, might get one too.  So it's not that Xanterra is being purchased, but there are most likely going to be bid on the prime Yellowstone spot.  GCSR will probably be reviewed sometime...and there are times when the current concessionaire is given a preferred choice status too.  It also doesn't mean that the current concessionaire will not get the property in point, Signal Mountain was recently in the bidding process and Forever retained the property.

But right now Yellowstone, Rainier, Blue Ridge Parkway, and I think Crater Lake are being put up for bid.  You can find all these at the National Park Concessionaire website: NPS Concessions News 

There are varying degrees of isolation. Death Valley is much more isolated than even places like Yellowstone because there aren't any service communities of any size on the edge of the park (Beatty, Nevada being the closest approximation to that). Realistically, if you want any but the most basic of services, you have to drive three hours. That's not true for most national parks.

And who would put a national park in the middle of a city? The National Park Service. There are many national park units either in a major city or very close to it. Furthermore, parks such the Grand Canyon, Mt. Rainier, Everglades, etc. are an hour or so away from large cities.

thanks to all who wrote to me on my discussion that i post over a week ago.i love the comments because i can learn from them,they made my day and i feel so proud.the summer months r about to get away from us pretty soon,i know some people have already began their journey of the next step,that is trying to get to a job that they have choose.i'm hoping i get out to grand canyon south rim this winter or next spring/ hoping.i know they r not as busy in the winter but the rent sounds good to me,outhere in yellowstone they,xanterra raised it 193.00 bucks a paycheck,holly cow.

If rent is the biggest consideration, check out los Cab...Rancho de los Caballeros.  $40/2 weeks...and if you complete the season, it's returned in a bonus.


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