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Has anyone ever worked at the South Rim at Grand Canyon and if so do they run shuttle buses then in the winter? Could you also tell me how bad is winter there?

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 I worked there winter of 2007-2008.  It is winter at 7000 feet.  Generally speaking, it gets cold.  Sometimes brutally bitter cold, but there are plenty of other times it's in the mid 30s F, with no wind and no humidity, which can be nice, especially on a sunny day.  If you're from south Florida or California, you might want to think about it some more.  I grew up near the SW side of Chicago, so there were many winter days were I was walking around in shorts and a flannel.

Yes, there are shuttles/busses year round.  There is even a late night employee shuttle.

Thanks for your reply. I lived several years in the Rockies so I am used to cold weather.

Do you get 40 hours a week in the wintertime?

Coly Hope:  I have several friends that work at South Rim. And I was offered a work job in housekeeping. I worked at North Rim in year 2008. South Rim they have a very good outstanding recreation center building that provides all kinds of activities and day van trips to other location and shopping trips. They do cut workers hours down a bit in the winter time but they manage about 30 hours each week. Sometimes workers get lucky and sharing a apartment home with other co workers rather than staying in dorms. The Employee Dinning Room I here is very good. Cafe type with very good food to choose from. With   the employee recreation building I think it would be very easy making long lasting friends with other co workers. South Rim has mild snow fall in the winter time and yes the shuttle buses run. They have a town about one hour away with Macdonalds and pizza places. Some of the co workers able to stick around for a long period of time because it's year round work.

Coley The Grand Canyon South Rim would be a great winter location to be. Not nearly as busy as the summer which means more time for you to explore. They have a great employee recreation program as well that offers various themed dances as well. There is a shuttle system as well.

Warning, if you are working for Xanterra, they will put in housing that should have been torn down a long time ago.  Never been in the guys dorm but they call it victim hall instead of victor hall.  Also, you are nothing but a number.

True that on being nothing but a number. And also constantly vulnerable to the threat of being written up for ridiculous reasons was my experience.  It is a beautiful place to be and winters there are quieter and you will have more time for yourself but be aware that there are negatives involved, too.  40Rob

Been here plenty of winters.Sometimes you are lucky to get 20 hours a week. This winter should be interesting because DNC is taking over Yavapai & Desert View along with alot of housing that used to belong to Xanterra. 

I heard this, Sunni. I heard that people are being squeezed, three to four of them, in tiny units meant for two people?  I don't know if this is true or not but I have heard that NPS wants Xanterra gone.....and this is leading to all kinds of quality of life issues for concession employess.  So I hear but I am not there so who knows?  40Rob


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