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Yellowstone NP seasonal employment for retired person with RV

Could I get some comments from folks that have worked for Xantera in the summer and lived in their own private RV. Was the RV site ok not ok or what?


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I hope you get tons of feedback Keith.  My husband and I are in the process of purchasing a 5th wheel and would like to do the rv thing during the summer.   This is my first summer and am feeling a little weirded out that I am leaving my husband at home.
We are in the same position. We just went to the RV show here in Tulsa last night to look look and look. We to want a 5th wheel for the room and comfort they provide.
So am I janette lol :) 5 months away  and we have been married 27 years.. we went to yellowstone the last 2 summers in our rv and stayed at the canyon area with delaware north but it is the same place all xanterra people stay,. most rv spots have everyone with assigned spots from the park service. My husband wanted to stay home so im going to live in dorm this year and have some girl time :)) all ev spots in the park r different so i can only comment on canyon which i think is great. grassy areas for animals ..dogs to lol deer, elk, bears old scarface comes through and scares everyone about the time the clover is blooming , baseball and basketball fields, laundry mat and bathrooms. lots of park service people , mobile homes, maintence area. i have some pics on my page that u can look at:)  Keith do u know where u will b?
Thanks Jackie, no not yet. We applied for summer 2012 and will not here anything until late 2011 or early 2012. How was the internet service in Canyon?
U will need a verizon usb , there is no wireless in rv parks;( around dorms u can get limited internet but the usb is best, verizon cells work best as of last year the only ones that work besides some prepaid cells.. no att! sprint down around old faithful maybe .. u can bring dish or direct sat for tv. some have local phone service. canyon did. 
Thanks, by usb you mean a Verizon broadband card?  I have a broadband card that plugs into a usb port. I've used it in the Dubois and Jackson area of Wyoming and it works fine.

yes :)


I'll try to re-open this old post by asking does anyone have info on the Grant RV area and the work in the General Store there. I've been hired for 2012 summer and would love to hear some pro and cons. Thanks in advance.


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