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Speicifically, a new lens for my Nikon D700. It's a full-frame digital SLR, and my old lens was not was a cheapy lens, all I could afford after getting the camera. In any case, the lens done gone and busted while I was in Hawaii (MAJOR  bummer!), so now I need to get a new one. I don't like changing lenses; experience has taught me that I need to just have one lens. I like a wide-to-tele with macro. Anyone know of an affordable, reasonably good quality lens like that, that would be full-frame, for my camera? I've tried looking everywhere and my head is aching from the confusing gaggle of letters, number, details. I'm a visual girl; I know what results I like when I shoot. I don't happen to care about  much other than: fast enough for action, good macro, good low-light. My camera is fantastic in low light. I shoot a lot of macro...a LOT. also snaphots, and just a variety of things ranging from scenics to photojournalism, to abstracts.

I also need to get a cable-release, and, apparently, a bracket-type release head and tripod that will fit that. My current one is too small for stability under the camera.

Any help given will be appreciated! Looking to spend up to about 500 for the lens.  Not an Ebay fan. (don't know the ropes and yada yada, caveat emptor etc.)




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Hi Kate,
I use a Nikon 18-200 mm zoom lens f3.5 - 5.6. My camera is a Nikon D200. The lens is about as all purpose as you can get. You can probably find one for $500.00, maybe a little more. I used it for two seasons at Yellowstone and it did just about everything that I wanted. Biggest shortcomings are those that you would expect: 200 mm isn't long enough for the distant animal images and of course, the light sensitivity of the lens is not ideal, especially for catching wildlife in motion, at a distance, in low light.

Here is a link to an evaluation of the lens done by Ken Rockwell. I follow this guy's advice. He provides comparisons with other lenses on other parts of his site. is the main site. You can do a Google search of his site from this front page.
I've looked at Ken Rockwell's ideas in the last few days, and the lens you're using is the one I've had. I'll probably just go get another one; I was holding out the pipe-dream hope that I could get something a weeeeeee teensy bit better for not too much more money. :D Funny, I know.
Thanks for replying! :) I'll let everyone here know how it turns out.
So, Kate - what did you come up with?
Nothing yet, Rusty. Soon as I can, I will probably just get a duplicate of what I've such thing as a bargain upgrade unfortunately, unless you take a real risk with used/ebay. Not a fan of the  lack of options between gobs of cheap, entry-level lenses and super-pro, costly high end lenses. 
That's too bad.  I hoped that you would come up with something miraculous.


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