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Hey everyone, I'm heading out in June from Rochester NY. I'm excited at the prospect of spending my free time roaming about the wilderness, but a bit nervous that I won't make enough money to pay my bills back home. I was accepted on the Mammoth Springs kitchen crew, but to my knowledge, that's just a general term. Do they decide your job when you get there? How are the summer hours? Do they deduct room and board based on the hours you work each week? Is there a chance to move up the ladder if you seem qualified? I was also wondering if there are any chances to do conservation volunteer work in my free time? So many questions . . . any info would be helpful, thanks, and hope to see you soon!

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hey there, my name is james from Paulsboro, NJ and i was wondering the same things myself. very good questions, heh. let me know what ya find out and i will be sure to do the same. well maybe i'll see you out there!
hi James,

I actually have already returned from my trip to Yellowstone, this was an old post, so let me fill you in. You will get assigned a job, based on their needs, not on your preferences, but don't be alarmed or discouraged. If you can prove to them either by being a good talker, or with a resume, or with a reference letter, that you're qualified for a certain position, you'll likely get it. A lot of people come and go over the course of time, so positions open up here and there.

The money they deduct for room and board is based on the amount of hours you work, so no fears there.

If you plan on doing a lot of camping, you're better off bringing you're own gear. You can rent sleeping bags and tents from the REC center, but it adds up quick and there's a 30 - 40 dollar deposit on the items. You will be charged for every night you have the gear, so say if you get back from your destination after the REC closes around 5 pm,Good Luck!
lol, thank you so much. cant wait to get out there!
No the most accurate info on the rec above.

Actually the camp gear is really cheap - about $5.00 for a sleeping bag, tent, or backpack. You do have to pay a deposit but it is returned to you in full if you don't damage the equipment. Considering that the type of backpack the rent out costs about $500 each, you'd have to go backpacking 100 times to get your money's worth.

The deposits are $20 max per piece of equipment. It's all high quality stuff.

The rec offices are open from 1 pm - 5pm / 6 pm - 9 pm every evening so there shouldn;t be any problems returning the equipment after 5 pm.
yea bro u got mad skills u will move up fast dorms are cool stay in aspen the other dorms are crappy i,ll be in gardiner mt workin as a cook at the corrall i,m angel any questions jus ask peace out and have a great summer dude.


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