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I am so confuse how this all works, but I will be in the Princess Lodge Trapper Creek anyone can tell me how it is working there what to look forward to?

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Hi Brenda!  The Mt. McKinley Princess Wilderness Lodge is located in Trapper Creek.  It's a very small (very) community.  We will have activities offered for team members to participate in and opportunities to really enjoy AK.  I'm sure there will be many others who can give you some great feedback about lilving and working here, but you can also take a look at

Looking forward to meeting you soon!!

Hi Brenda!

My name is Samuel Avery and i am currently the manager of the 20320 Alaskan Grill located here on the Mt. McKinley Princess Lodge property.

I'm not sure exactly what details you would like or exactly what position you will be working in this summer but here are some general things you can expect.

As far as weather goes it is very mild, the temperature here ranges from 65-75 degrees during the summer. There will most likely be a little bit of snow on the ground when you get here and it tends to rain a bit in the begining and ending weeks of the season.  The great thing is that we receive upwards of 20 plus hours of daylight in the summer creating a unique work and living experince with plenty sunshine to guide you on your Alaskan adventure!

At work you can expect a strong structure of communication as well as a clearly defined chain of command to direct your questions, comments and concerns to. Again i am not quite sure what position you will be in this summer but generally speaking you can expect a 6 day work week with a rotating work week of 5 days on two days off every other week.  (this might not be the same for all departments as i can only speak for Food and Beverage).

During your off time there is always plenty to do as well!  We have regular employee activities each month including, kickball, softball and ping pong games / tournaments. In the past we have had numerous activities such as arts and crafts, rock painting, and we also have been known  for showing movies in our Employee recreation center or what we call the ( McKinly employee Recreaction Center, M.E.R.C. for short) throughout each week. There are also lots of board games you can check out and smaller rooms in the M.E.R.C. that you can reserve for a small privatefunction as well.  If you want to get adventurous we have a lot of hiking trails nearby which alway show a great view of the surrounding natural environment we are immersed in. And if you fancy fishing...You've come to the right place!!!! Even if you have never done it before a day liscence to go salmon fishing in Alaska only Costs 25.00 U.S. dollars per day for non Alaska residents...a bargain price if you catch the big one!

Additonally if your are 21 or over you are free to frequent our employee Lounge area called "The Hangar".  A recent addition to the MPWL property The Hangar was built specifially for our employees to enjoy. With free pool and fooseball and the occasional karaoke night, it is a fun place to enjoy some good food, good company and an adult beverage if you prefer.

As far as team housing goes, there are two team housing areas on property. The first we call "The Park" as it is situated near our own employee softball field where we host our softball and kickball games as well as our employee appreciation BBQS!!!!  The second area is known as "The Bench" as the team housing buildings are set up in two long rows on either side of the center driveway area.  The bench is about a 10 minute walk away from the lodge and the park is just slightly further away and takes abour 12-15 minutes to reach the lodge. 

What you can expect in team housing is a friendly and safe place to reside during the summer! The same great people you will be working alongside will be living right next door and all around you!  We also have a dedicated and fair security team which will ensure a safe and respectful living area for each and every employee.

I hope this at least answered some of the questions you were wondering about. Please if you have any more feel free to post them here. We will do our best to answer them!

See you soon!



Samuel Avery

Last summer was my first time there, i had the best summer of my life! just sayin :) 

Fantastic place to spend the summer.  The summer is make ever you make of it.  This is my forth year and ever season seems be be better than the last.  I think Sam cover  the rest

The best place ever!  I can't wait to meet all the new people, and to see some of the returning employees as well.  :)


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