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I have just found this site. I have only noticed old/bold people in their 40s and 50s. I am in my 60s and my sister is in her 70s. We are interested in doing this type of work, but am wondering if employers have an age limit.

Also, I am wondering about the average pay I can expect. I have to continue working due to losses in this current economy.

Any info you can give a beginner would be appreciated!!

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I am 61 and worked at Big Bend this past summer. I have to say I was in better shape than many of the "kids" there. While there were not a lot of us "older" people, there were a few. Pay is generally
six to 10 an hour.
Thanks for the reply. I was hoping there would be more my age, but it seems like there's alot of college kids. We are in pretty good shape for our ages and want to continue being active. Would like to see more of the country and this seems like a really good way.

It is a great way to see the country and national parks are awesome places especially if you like to hike. I hope you and your husband find work. ENJOY!!!
Jackie, Grand Teton Lodge Co. & Signal Mountain Lodge in Wyoming both hire quite a few older workers. I'm 57, a friend is 67, and many from my town have been there & worked. There are a ton of younger workers but they are great too. The dorm for older folks at GTLC is called "geritol hall". LOL If you & your sister go, you'll enjoy it, but if you go alone it could be lonely, as the majority of the older folks are couples.
Hi, I felt right at home at Glacier, I was 52 at the time, and there were plenty of Older and Bolder folks there. They even had single person dorms for us older folk. I loved my quiet little room! Cathy
please tell me a little about working in Big Bend. I'm in my 50's and can do different things. Most of my experience is in accounting, payroll, front desk, etc. Please tell something about the employee housing, is there a chance an older worker could have a private room? What is management, housing, food, etc. like? Are older workers accepted? Any idea on pay range for accounting or anything else?
Jackie, how was Big Bend? How was management & living conditions & pay?
Jackie: I have worked in the parks for several years. Some of that time as a lodge manager. I have worked with college kids, US and international, people in their 40's, 50's, and above. One of my best friends in Yellowstone has been going their for 16 years - she's 78 and works as a hostess, standing most of the day. Many others are passed retirement age. Age is not really a consideration when hiring in the parks - they love older and bolder people at most places because of their reliability.

If money is a real consideration, this type of work probably isn't for you. Pay is minimal, and most places charge a housing and/or meal fee. The average pay is probably $7-8 per hour. Management pays a little higher, but usually you have to start at the lower levels. This type of lifestyle is a wonderful adventure, but not a good way to make money. However, if you get a server job (which usually goes to the younger crowd, but not always) you can make decent tips.

I hope this helps a little.
I have worked in many national parks but it seems most of the older people worked for Delaware North.
Many of them your age.
Pay is small.
But a really relaxing experience.
Go for it and enjoy the parks....Good Luck!
I disagree with Ryan a little. Delaware North does hire a good deal of retired people and international students (more than US college students). But Xanterra, also in Yellowstone if that's where he's referring, hire a great deal of older people. I think Xanterra pays a little more, but not sure. Several retirees work at Lake Hotel, and they have a dorm just for the older folks, where many a friendship has been made. Canyon Lodge hires mostly college age, out of the 500 employees, but also has a dorm for retirees/older people. I've worked in Glacier, and especially at East Glacier Lodge they hire a fair amount of older people, and in the Tetons several too.
Thanks so much for this info. I am hoping to do this next year.
Christina, sounds like you have done this quite a bit. I am interested in learning how you got started and where you got all your info. Do you keep you home in Florida while you are away or have you gone to an apartment?


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