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Anybody ever worked for Aramark?  Lake Powell looks like a beautiful place.  


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I have worked for Aramark 3 times.  Twice at Lake Powell.  Last time was this year. It is a beautiful place and I enjoyed it both times.

It looked beautiful. Can you fill me in a bit on housing, etc?  Ok without a car?

I am thinking about applying for a position at the Wayweap Marina.  Lots of Older and Bolders?

Thank you so much for replying.


I worked at Dangling Rope in 2012 but stayed at Wahweap on days off. 

This year I worked at Halls Crossing.  Housing at all locations is usually in dorms.  Some locations give you the option of paying extra to have the room to yourself which I think is worth it.  I am not sure if Wahweap has that option?  Dangling Rope didn't but housing was free there because of the remoteness.  Halls Crossing and Bullfrog have the single room option. They are more remote but some people didn't have vehicles.  They have shuttles to get you around.

Wahweap would be an easier location without a car.  Page is nearby and has everything you need and there are lots more people living and working there. 

There are some Older and Bolders but at most locations I still find the majority are younger.  Age doesn't seem to make a difference.  I'm up

It's a great experience! I liked my jobs and you meet lost of people and get to see the area.

The employee dining at Wahweap was really good and very reasonably priced.

You are welcome.  It's a real adventure heading off to somewhere sight unseen and good to find out all you can if possible.


Thanks Christine,,,youve been very helpful..I may take my first step and see what happens!


You're Welcome and Good Luck to you! I'll be working back there again this year.


Really!  Well, I haven't heard from them yet. Do you know which part you will be working in?  I did run up on Edward Van Tine's blog from Bullfrog Marina.  Do you know him? Feel free to bombard me with info!



I'll be working again at Halls Crossing.  I will start early March. I am not familiar with Edward? It may take a bit to hear back depending on the time that the job you applied to begins?

I'm familiar with the areas around the marinas. Which marina did you apply to?

Hope you hear soon.


Debbie - Here's a blog post from my visit to Wahweap in 2012.  There are some photos of the housing and shared buildings for staff.  It's a BEAUTIFUL place!

Thanks !  I know I can apply online. I have so many questions for them however. Would you suggest maybe picking up the phone and talking to someone about what I am looking for, and ask questions about housing, etc. Or apply online and I am assuming there may be an opportunity there to discuss my options. I mean, I wouldn't want to limit my options by applying for a specific position. Just not sure how all this works.:-)


By all means call. And, as for applying, make sure you meet their qualifications for the jobs you do apply for.  If you do get to talk to them, you will have a better idea of what might be a great fit.

And, if you apply first, do call as a follow up to make sure they got your application and know how interested you are. :-)

Hi Christine, not sure if we crossed paths I was at Bullfrog, with Connie and John,

kitchen and at the Lodge, got out few times Employee trips etc, more people my age 

lot of young people worked when I was there Matt 


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