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  I am a long time truck driver (35+ years), my wife has her CDL (2years experience). Are there many CDL jobs, and how hard are they to get?

  Would really like to do this "Cool Works" travel and work in all these great places. But not sure how well a couple of 50 somethings could compete with 20 year olds for these server, etc. type jobs.

   Is there much of a market for experienced CDL holders?

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Hey Neil,

Having hired many older and bolders for CDL jobs, I can tell you that those jobs available. I worked for Holland America and Princess and actually started my seasonal career as a motorcoach driver. If you have a desire to work in Alaska, I'm sure you'll find some opportunities. You will also find unique driving opportunities in the lower 48. Best of luck to you!

Thanks for the reply.We would like spending the summer in Alaska. Still trying to figure this site out in limited time available for web surfing.
I suggest that you go to our view jobs area
and click on location and then click on the state you wish to work in. Go to the keywords area and enter the city you wish to search along with the title, of the job area you wish to search (CDL or any area and our search engine will display all the appropriate jobs in that city.

You may have to do a dozen or more searches using different job titles to find the job you are seeking. Also, unfortunately our search engine can only use the input employers posting jobs have entered so many of the results of a search do not match the search criteria.

Remember to save any search you wish to return to so you don't have to re-initiate it from the beginning.

Lastly you can set a job alert so the system will notify you when an appropriate job is posted. You can do this as part of any search just by clicking on the "Job Alert" tab.

There are no charges for any of these functions. This is a free service.

As a 55+ individual going back for a second season. I have one thing to say " Be careful what you wish for".
I have had a CDL for many years. In fact I was driving under the old Chauffer license before CDL. It was a long process. I applied in 09 for the 2010 season and was turned down. I traveled back to Alaska for a eight day venture. Arrived in Sept. and logged 1936 miles on a rental car in seven days.

Stopped at the lodge that turned me down the year before. Met with the transportation manager ( what started as a 15 minute visit ) turned into a 3 1/2 hour interview. The rest is history. I applied for the 2011 season and was hired. I was told the only reason I was even considered. I stopped on my own dime to look the place over.

It was a great learning experience and I wouldn't trade it for anything. One thing to keep in mind. In order to drive motorcoach for a private company in Alaska. You have to have two years of Alaska time min. The only way to obtain that is to drive for a cruise line. Such as HAP Alaska-Yukon.

Another thing to remember, you must be able to talk and give history, information about the area while driving. You are not given canned speeches. All your information must come from your own research. Also, there is the issue of luggage. As a driver/guide you must assist with luggage plus attend to your guests.

Many times going to the Anchorage Airport and waiting for several hours while different flights come in. I really believe in my heart of hearts. Individuals bring the whole house in one bag. When it requires two grown men to lift one bag in to the luggage bay. That is heavy... Plus, you must remember scales that are along the way. Normally, when their open you still have to pull down through and if they stop you, it is to check your documentation. However, they can if they want, make you go across the scales. I hope I am making a point. It can be a rewarding experience. Driver/Guides are paid better than most other positions. You have a LOT of responsibility and very long hours.

It does give you bragging rights when you return home. I have visited with individuals from all walks of life. Also, have made some great friends. I wish you luck.....


Dear Neil,

 I have my class B CDL, and driver for Yosemite NP, actually DNC at Yosemite.  With a Class A, they could use you on delivery driving, the trams, shuttle buses and motorcoaches.  I like Yosemite because it is union, so you do get benefits.  Yes, it takes forever, but it pays decent, I have insurance, get holiday pay, etc.  The season is usually mid May to sometime in Oct.  I had 5 months in for my second year, not bad.  It is beautiful there, busy, cheap to live there, a great experience!  I think you and your wife would enjoy it.  I am on medical right now, so don't know if I will be physically ready to return to work when called back.  They always need good drivers.  Check it out.  Cathy


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