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Hi, new to Coolworks jobs - will be applying for work for this summer/fall.  Hopefully, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon will like me :).  Need to know what is in the employee campgrounds; especially at the North Rim, but also interested in any National Park & Alaska employee campgrounds as well.  Do they have full hook ups: electric, water?  Most importantly since I am looking at an older model Roadtrek with only a toilet and sink - no shower; do they have employee bathrooms with showers?  Do those have hot or at least warm water and not just cold?  Is there wifi, or any kind of internet service available in the campgrounds or anywhere else for employees to use?  Dumping facility? If I buy a "Florida Room" - tented room to extend living area & running down the side about same width as a car - will it fit in the campsite provided?  I would not have a car, just the Roadtrek & Florida Room with a bike I would keep inside the Florida Room.  Any and all info and advice is appreciated.  Is anyone in this older & bolder group working or hoping to work at the North Rim for the 2014 season?  Any advice from those who have worked there in the past?  Thanks and happy trails, Linda

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Was there for a short time in 2011. North Rim does not have showers for employees unless you live in the dorm. You will also experience snow up until May and it has snowed some in June. It remote and I do mean remote with great hiking then North Rim is great. The Canyon is something that should not be missed.
Bellman is a good job. Make extra when all the tour busses come which is at least 2-3 a week.
The closest Wal-Mart is 125 miles in StGeorge, Utah. The small town at the bottom is 60 miles

Thanks Carla, Just heard from Human Resources there ARE restrooms with showers in employee campground; so maybe they are new?  Sadly; I am having surgery on my right hand - right handed - tomorrow. Was passenger in auto accident Sat. So, I will have to apply after my PT for next season, I guess.  Know about the North Rim being remote, etc., because I have been there a few times through the years as a visitor; however, I never saw the employee camp ground or asked questions when there as I was not yet retired.  I am really anxious to do this regardless of weather and was once snowed in decades ago,  Love, love, love the North Rim.  Thanks again and hope you have a cool job now.          

Well good luck with the surgery. I had to back out of Colter Bay several years back because of some surgery.
I head out on the 18th for Glacier, Lake McDonald--guest services manager. Worked North Dakota last year but haven't been across Montana other than driving back from Mt Rainier in 2010. Looking forward to seeing Glacier NP
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