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Hello,   I am new to this, just looking to set out on my own.  I can't start immediately, I need a few months to get my credit card paid off as I don't want to take any "baggage" with me.    I wonder if South Rim is a good place to start out?  I will need a dorm, and enough money to support myself.  Any input will be appreciated.  I am 51 years young, very able and very motivated!! 


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Every place is good and bad; depends on you, depends on who the boss is that season and who you draw as a roommate, and etc. All a matter of attitude! 

I try to keep my focus on enjoying the place I'm in, and pay attention to the people I like, and I've been having a mighty fine time for a few years now. I'd never heard of the first park I got a job in, but have grown to love it, now finishing up my second season. I've been able to save a lot of money, as I don't  pay much rent and don't have expenses that i would have if I had a traditional home. 

Being in the park allows me to see it at a whole different level; to be able to explore the trails, get to know the plants, the animals, the history... 

Almost every place has a dorm/employee housing. Different levels of accommodations, but since I've lived in a tent and traveled in my van, most are better...and, since I travel with my tent, I can always go camping if I want to be alone. 

Again, it's really a matter of attitude, and what you seek.  Good luck and have a good time, no matter what you decide!

Wow, thanks.  I never even gave my tent a thought.  That opens many doors for me, and focusing on the place and keeping with the people I like is a helpful thought.  I have a GREAT attitude so I think will do just fine. 

Thanks again!

Hi Cheryl,

Just a thought but if you have the means to get a camper or motor home there are LOTS of work camping jobs no matter what the season.  I work for Amazon and we have the CamperForce program here where we hire campers, provide a PAID campsite, work is well paid, overtime is plentiful and we offer completion bonuses for staying the entire season and Amazon discount.  There are a lot of sites with work camping jobs on them - Cool Works being one - and you can see the whole gamut of what is offered.  Lots are looking for volunteer but just as many are paid jobs with a paid campsite.

Just a thought for you.

Thanks Pam,

I found a position.  I am actually moving OUT of an RV.  I may pick one up again sometime down the road, I am leaving my options open.   




Good to hear that you found a position - wish you the best of success!  If you do move back IN to an RV in the future, keep us in mind.

Just seeing this post and after a year how are things going? I started in 2008 and love it. Have my own RV since I travels with a dog & cat.
Going to Glacier Lake McDonald this year. Usually don't do the same park more than one year since there are still so many places I want to see.
Would enjoy connecting with you on your adventures.

Hey Carla - any interest in working for Amazon?  I think the closest to you after summer would be either our Coffeyville, KS or Fernley, NV locations.  I partner with Yellowstone to have them attend our associates job fair during December & they open up for us to recruit their workers during the summer - usually July or August.

If you want to find out about our work from the workers themselves check out our facebook page facebook/Amazon camperForce or you can discuss what we have open with one of our administrators via our toll free number - 1-855-9CAMPER or email and we'll set up a time to talk to you.

Enjoy your time in Glacier Lake this summer!

Thanks. I worked Campbellsville in 2012 and it was a good experience but I am now working the sugar beet harvest in Hillsboro, ND. Sorry but money is too good.

Hey Carla - we have several people who work in our KS & KY locations that come to us after beet harvest.  Just want to put an idea in your bonnet!


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