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I am new to Coolworks, and am forced by circumstances to appreciate travel and work in exotic locations vicariously.  In real life, I'm a person who enjoys hiking in the mountains (that's what we call 'em in Maine; would be speed bumps in Colorado), and try to spend as much of the warm seasons as possible in a canoe or kayak.  I love traveling and used to take 13 week itinerant physical therapy assignments for the joy of living in a new part of the country.  Unfortunately, this summer has been a vast departure from ordinary life, due to a back injury that has forced me out of work years before I'm ready to retire.  The prognosis is that I will never go back to my previous occupation, but may someday be able to work that doesn't involve much lifting/bending/twisting.    Dunno what the heck that is...selling beer and cigarettes at a convenience store doesn't sound that good.  My aim is to become as "un-disabled" as possible, which is a slow process.  Do any of you older Parkies and Adventure Workers ever encounter kinds of work that doesn't require too much bending, etc?  Thanks!

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Greg, if you contact me directly at I'll see if I can help you find what you are looking for. I spend time in Maine when I went to college in Hanover NH and lived in Denver after graduation so I understand what you mean by speed bumps although Mt. Washington does not qualify in this regard.

I'm from Chicago originally and it looks like you are from that area as well.

Thank you, Art. From reading your profile & scanning I know you are knowledgable, and I appreciate your willingness to help. I have emailed you at the above address.

The Maine Mts. I'm most familiar with are in Franklin Country, near where I used to live. Mt. Blue, Tumbledown, The Jacksons, Blueberry Mt. and Mt Blue are near or above 3000'...enough of a hike/climb for nice views and some feeling of accomplishment, but with enough of the day left afterward to do something else. From the prospective of the corn fields of central Illinois, the Maine speed bumps are quite attractive.

I worked for Xanterra at Yellowstone National Park. Every location has a limited number of office type jobs such as payroll or taking reservations. Perhaps if you call human resources directly at the location that interests you, they might be able to help. When you apply, you indicate which jobs you would like but that doesn't guarantee you will get it. You probably need to talk to a real person about your needs. I hope this helps.
Good suggestions to tuck away for when I may be able to seek employment. My attitude is that if I can't go back to what I was trained to do, it would be best to be somewhere that's attractive, do something useful and/or fun, and have time with enjoyable people. Thanks for your response. -Greg


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