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Any former IRS agents in the group? or does anyone know the answer.
  Here is the scenario:  
                  I live in Houston, Tx. I am retired and receiving Social Security. I have been applying for work in a State or National park. I have had  no luck finding anything in Houston .I was just offered a three month contract from DNC in Wyoming. Are my travel and living expenses tax deductible? I am not moving ,so my home address will remain in Houston.  

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Hi Felice,

Hope you get an answer on those questions.  I will be traveling from NE TX and my husband is drawing his SS & we would like to know about the expenses & other stuff also.  We will be going to Glacier National Park in Montana.  We are so excited.  My husband won't have to deal with the humidity done here.  Hope you have a great summer.


Yes--but. Traveling nurses do this all the time. They have a home one place and take a contract another place. You have to keep squeeky clean documents. Everything the employer gives you that you don't pay for can't be claimed.  Then there is also the rules about percent of your adjusted gross income. I owuld say keep every record and then see how it works out next tax may need a cpa.
Great   I will continue looking into this. I may get with the IRS after tax season to hear what they say.
Just back from the local IRS office and was told - "NO" -   the travel expenses cannot be claimed as deductions.  Of course ,this was in my particular case, others my have different situation and qualify. They said that because I have no other job my "Work Home" would be considered to be Wyoming.

Great questions, do we have a retired CpA in the group. I am semi retired and on SS. I will be working in the park and at the same time doing another job online in the evenings and days off I've been told that my travel would be deductable. What about when you are living in an RV can you deduct some expense for that?

I am also in Texas and have a different question.  All my belongings are in storage and I gave up my apartment.  Can my storage unit be considered my Texas residence?  I am temporarily staying with relatives until I leave for my summer position.  Thanks for anyone who knows this one!

Margie-same for me! I am putting everything in storage in TN. My plan is to use a postal service that will forward my mail occasionally. I am hoping to use that as my address. Next problem will be getting my car inspected, etc.

Yes your travel expense can be deductions.  I have been doing seasonla work for three years and have deducted and have a CPA do my taxes.  Find a great CPA who knows all the deductions.  I will be travelling to Denali for the summer and will have receipts of all travel related items.


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