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I have just made the decision to pursue seasonal work and am very excited!  I think it is perfect for someone like me who is tired of the 8 to 5 grind, unattached with grown kids that no longer need you around all the time.  I want to make my life an adventure and from what I have already read, I believe this is the way to do it!  lt will take me a couple of years to get ready.  You know, pay off bills, sell my house, buy a camper and get my family used to the idea.  I'm sure they will try to talk me out of it. So I am looking at probably summer 2017 to start my adventure!  If anyone has any tips or advice I would love to hear from you!

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I would love to do the same, but am not quite as close to completely cutting loose. I may be about to be ready to do something closer to home though!

We started down that path more than 3 years ago and haven't looked back. My one piece of advice: don't get too hung up on your family getting used to the idea. Many people won't fully understand until they see you experience it. Soon, some family members start saying things like, "I wish I could do that." Best wishes.

That's good advice about the family.  Thanks.  Do you have a favorite place to work?  Do many people work summer and winter?

My wife and I are two summers into it, 2013 at Yellowstone and 2014 at Mount Rushmore. We enjoyed both for different reasons. The bottom line is they are what you make them. We left the RV at home and lived in the dorms ... a whole 'nother experience, one that was in itself enriching.

Among the "older and bolder" in our limited experience, it seems few work both seasons. We've not worked winters yet (though we may next year); that's our reconnect with family and doctors time.

CoolWorks has a link to our site which provides all kinds of information to help older workers find employment. Go to and click on your area of interest be it employment, work at home, start a small business, etc.

We do not provide the large number of actual jobs that CoolWorksincludes, but we provide all kinds of information on putting your resume together, interviewing, researching as well as a huge list of ways to work at home and earn money as well as samples of many successful small businesses started by retirees which took little if any start up investment.

If you have questions you can contact me directly through RetiredBrains or at

Happy New Year and good luck!


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