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September 2012 Blog Posts (9)

Summer 2012 Wrap Up - Exceeded Expectations

Although I have 8 days remaining as "Ranger Rich" I figured now was as good a time as any to make this summer a wrap.  All my big adventures are now behind me - and what a summer it was :-)   Hovenweep, Moab UT, Canyon De Chelly w/ an Annular Eclipse, San Juans/Telluride, Pagosa Springs, Arches National Park,  Aztec Ruins and Chaco Canyon.  Plus a super fun meetup with Q and Oliver.  What a special time in my life!   I lost some heros too ... Neil Armstrong, Andy Williams ... I guess the…


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By Lars-Ole Mortensen

Scandinavians, thrust out to sea by the inhospitable nature of their rugged peninsula, became the greatest voyagers of the Dark Age. In the 9th century, the Scandinavians pushed the Irish out of Iceland and made that island their base for voyages to Greenland.

Eric the Red founded Brattahlid on Western Coast of Greenland around the tenth century. Leif Ericsson, also named Leif the… Continue

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Lars-Ole Mortensen

I am in search of a seasonal job working in Colorado or in Alaska or any resort in the Pacific Northwest...

Are there any suggestions from Coolworks members? I am willing to work as a caretaker for museums, nature parks, national forests, as well.

See my blog below about one of my many concerns i have in regards to animal rights. Watch for more of my stories and articles.

Black Bearskin Hats Used In The Royal Guard in… Continue

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TMB and Me, Walk of the Tour du Mont Blanc

I recently hiked the Tour du Mont Blanc, a trail looping around the Mont Blanc massif and spanning three countries, for a distance of 105 miles (130 with variations and getting lost).  

I kept a blog about this trip and have enjoyed sharing my experience with friends, family and hopefully anyone else with similar interests.  

Please forgive the grammar; any well meaning advise is welcome.  Links to photos are included within the blog pages; I used a Sony Alpha Nex-5N (mostly…


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The Chaco Phenomenon

On one of my last long weekends at Mesa Verde I had planned to begin taking stuff over to Pagosa Springs in preparation for leaving the Park in early October.  I woke up one morning and I had a feeling there was one more place I HAD to go before packing up the camping gear.  Chaco Canyon was calling me, as it did to others a thousand years ago.   So I changed my plans and headed South to New Mexico. First stop was Aztec Ruins ... a World Heritage Site along the way.…


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Arches is Awesome!

It was roadtrip time for me again last Friday.  This time my destination was Arches National Park just outside of Moab, Utah.  I had been holding a camping reservation for nearly 6 months so I was anxious to get there and get my tent setup.  After driving across the Montezuma Valley west from Mesa Verde you quickly see a dramatic change in the landscape.  You suddenly descend into an area with numerous sandstone formations jutting up towards the sky.  It takes only 45 minutes or so to…


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Fall 2012 Trip Plans

Just a quick little note.  I finish my summer season at Alaska Wildland Adventures in a four days.  On Saturday, I'll be going to Anchorage and I have a late flight...9:30 pm.  For the price I was willing to pay I had two choices, 9:30 pm or 5 am.  Everything in the middle the price almost doubled.  I'll be landing in Seattle a little before 2 am.

I have about 4.5 hours layover before catching the connecting flight to Las Vegas.  I'll arrive there a little before 9am.  Yeah, I know,…


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Acadia Corp - National Park

Submitted application for retail in January and no calls! went up to the park, there were postings on the doors of the retail stores about openings!!!!

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Headed Home to Texas once again

In Jan 2005, I made a decision to step out with a wing and prayer and discover some of our national parks before I got to old. That first step led me to a job with Glacier National Park and six months of living pretty much on Going to the Sun Road. After that, I left for a another position at Big Bend National Park where I learned, you really can’t get to anywhere unless you drive 70 miles one way at 45 mph. And, if you drive a two wheel drive vehicle, it is probably a good idea if you do…


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