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and it keeps getting better.

The court ordered that the baby will have to go to her mothers 2 months this summer and then we found out that the company that i work for will not hire Jerry for some ungodly reason idk what to say.  I cant work here either.  Any suggestions?

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  The pass from A;pine Junction to Hoback junction is closed for god knows how long so that means that we have to go up into teton pass to get into Jackson so i can enter the park through the south entrance.  Jerry applied with xanterra.  Mugs is going to spend time with her mom this summer.  The weather is really weird here like dark.  jim Cantore from the weather channel is going to start his storm chase… Continue

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promoted already

  Finally got 2 days off but we are seriously understaffed. Our dining room should have 32 but we have 18 on staff and had 12 at shakedown, we did really well with the staff and training that we had.  I love the old faithful lodge and the cafeteria.  I went from the kitchen to the cashier position in the cafeteria.  I am in Obsidian dorm and no roomie yet.  Yeah!  These are my first days off and they are… Continue

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first day of training

  made it through the first day of training.  I am not in the kitchen but doing something out on the floor, not sure what that is yet.  the coolwrokers here are awesome.  I am trying to post pics of the dorm here but the computer is iffy here. the cell phone has good reception tho so i think i will try that. I have to be to work by 8 in the morning so i am going to sign off.

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finally made it exhausted

  I finally made it through check in and got my room, no room mate yet but I will post pics when I get them off my phone.  Ate in the EDR tonight which was really good. It isent gourmet but it is good.  I dont have a room mate yet and my first meeting is in the morning at 8:30am.  The walk to the lodge isent to bad, im in Obsidian dorm.  The house guy is really nice and helpful.  Our uniforms are something… Continue

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made it

made it here around 6am. Rained from almost to west yellowstone then stopped by the time we got to mammoth. Not as cold down here as it is up in the park. There is a couple of cool housed right by human resources. Think I got about zr hours of bobble head sleep on the way over.

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Down to the wire

  We are leaving here at 1am and not 2am because of the road conditions toward West Yellowstone.  I have everything in the truck with the exception of the computer and the tote that I am keeping in the front seat.  OMG are textbooks heavy.  Shoved all the stuff in there tho and the computer will go in there also.  Had an interesting drivers test today.  The examiner gets in my car and puts on her seatbelt… Continue

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Like a chicken with my head cut off

  got all the packing done except for the stuff in the bathroom, cell phone charger and school stuff and of course the pc.  I posted the 10 day forcast for Glacier, Grand Teton and Yellowstone.  Hope it warms up soon.  Ran all the way to Idaho Falls only to end up doing the 70 mile one way trip back to idaho falls to pay the cell phone bill.  Its all good got to treat myself to Panda Express and Starbucks. … Continue

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10 day forcast for glacier national park


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10 forcast for Grand Teton national park


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10 day forcast for Yellowstone


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6 days and counting down

Working on the packing again, do I have enough stuff? do I have too much?  I did pack the thongs though because they are lighter then underwear and take up less space.  I am totally hoping that the snow maze is melting to a size that is lower then my height.  Glad to hear from a few coolworkers that were affected by the tornados that went through the south on wednsday.  1 person so far from Tuscaloosa, 1… Continue

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9 days and counting down

  With all of the devastation and destruction that the south is facing tonight I find my heart heavy with grief. Trying to twitter with family in Tennessee.  Been on the phone all day with other relatives.  Everyone is fine so far. Trying to go about my daily activities but find it hard to concentrate with all that is going on.  Im just going to try to relax knowing that my family is safe tonight and pray… Continue

Added by Janette Horton Ross on April 27, 2011 at 7:45pm — 2 Comments

13 days

Not much to say today, had an awesome easter with the grandprincess.  she did not get alot of candy but she got 12 plastic eggs with girly treasure in them for her jewel box.  We then were outside most of the day.  When the temp gets higher then 40 here it seems like summer time.  I can finally see the flower beds and the rocks that Brianna found in South Dakota got put in the beds today.  Got the ipod all… Continue

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weather report for Yellowstone for 4-21-2011






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dont know how many days left

Not posting significantly today. My cell phone is toast and having a hard time getting into town to get another one.  Its over an hour into idaho falls.

Added by Janette Horton Ross on April 21, 2011 at 5:29pm — No Comments

17 days and counting

Took a run up to Yellowstone yesterday and the Old Faithful complex is like a maze driving through because the snow is so high.  The new visitors center is amazing.  I cant wait to get up there.  It was a nice day all in all. Got to see first hand some idiots go under the tape at a hot pool to get a photo when the jerks should have been on the boardwalk. My Sprint phone worked up there but was on roam but… Continue

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20 Days and counting down

  Ran up to the south entrance of the park today to do like a trial run of how far it is from my house to old faithful, but that entrance was closed.  The Flagg Ranch is still blissfully under a blanket of deep snow as is everything else up that way.  We did see a moose laying by the creek outside of Moran Jct. and also a moose in the field closer to Teton Village.  The weather was nasty, rain and snow mix.  We are going up to… Continue

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21 days

Started out the morning with snow which must have came in last night and now freezing rain.  Not much hope for heating as the ceiling is low and the thermometer reads below 20 degrees.  I have to run into Jackson to pick up a few things.  I am going to pack most of my stuff this afternoon so I wont have any last minute laundry.  Putting my bedding in the cloth laundry bag to kill 2 birds with one stone. … Continue

Added by Janette Horton Ross on April 16, 2011 at 7:58am — 1 Comment

22 days and counting down

Got everything clothing wise laid out on the bed ready to be packed when I get to it.  Been a long day.  all of it will fit in 1 suitcase yeah!  got everything else in the closet so im all set.

Added by Janette Horton Ross on April 15, 2011 at 4:06pm — No Comments

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