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Solo female travel - Nine myths and one truth

Thought some of you adventurous women out there would like this blog post by Stephanie Yoder on the Hostelworld Travel Blog:

So you have this great trip planned out, to a place you've really been longing to see, but you can't seem to convince anyone to come with you. What's a girl to do? Wait? I don't believe in waiting around for other people to make your travel dreams come true. I've travelled solo through a slew of countries from China to Cambodia and Scotland to Slovenia and…


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If you want to be a Wrangler on a guest ranch, you'll need to...

I recently returned from the Dude Ranch Association's annual convention at Tanque Verde Guest Ranch outside of Tucson. Going to association conventions is a great way for us to find out how CoolWorks is working for our employers. (And it's TONS of fun!) Guest ranches have used our site for years, (my first seasonal job was actually on a guest ranch) and we hope some of you have had great experiences working on guest ranches.

Many people who want to work on a guest ranch want to work…


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Check out Dawns Bloggy Blog - full time RVer for nine years

Thought some of you would enjoy this...

To all you RVers that are out there living the life, we'd love to hear some of YOUR stories! Just click on the blog tab above and then the 'add a blog post' link. Your stories help others to take the leap.

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To all you first timers...

I heard this song the other day and I thought HOW PERFECT for the first time seasonal workers - all on your way to a new adventure.

So this one's for you.… Continue

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Please help with CoolWorks fundraising efforts for Mercy Corps in Haiti

Here's the link:
Every dollar makes a difference!

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Interesting insights about the recession's affect on seasonal jobs this summer on the Jersey Shore

Worth a read - Copied from the NY Times

POINT PLEASANT, N.J. — As the unemployment rate climbed this spring, thousands of recently laid-off workers descended upon the resort communities along the Jersey Shore looking for summer work, hoping for an infusion of cash and a brief respite from job hunting.

But for many of the applicants who are older and have extensive résumés, finding work along the boardwalk can be as elusive as winning one of those deceptively easy-looking… Continue

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Veterans Green Corps comes online with CoolWorks

I had the chance to talk to Amy Foss, Director of Operations for the Southwest Conservation Corps, about the Veterans Green Corps. These are great opportunities for veterans who have recently returned from overseas. Below are Amy's answers to some of my questions. Please spread the word about these opportunities to any veterans you know!

What is Veterans Green Corps?

Veterans Green Jobs (VGJ) has combined efforts with the Southwest Conservation Corps (SCC) to create… Continue

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Now is the time to snag a job for this winter.

Lots of ski resorts are doing their big hiring push right now; this is definitely the time to snag a job for this winter. Check out our ski resort jobs page:
If you're out there road tripping right now, many are having their winter job fairs this month. Read about the where and when here:


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Elkins Resort - Consider it for next summer

I'm road trippin it this week, and Elkins Resort on Priest Lake in northern Idaho has been one of our stops. I love going to employers' places, laying low for the first day, not letting anyone know who I am. This way I can check out the vibe on the down low. ;} Shhhh, don't tell. I do this for you guys.

I came away from Elkins thinking - what a great place to spend the summer.

First off - it's beautiful. Sits right on the shore of Priest… Continue

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From the Montana campaign trail

Well, here it is. The day we've been working for. We'll never know if we were able to sway any of those undecideds we've talked to over the last two months, but we did our best, and in the process learned a lot about ourselves and a whole lot about Barack Obama and his vision and plan for our country. I hope, at the end of the day, or by mid-week, the decision will be made, and he'll be our nominee. I'm looking forward to his debates with McCain.

Today we'll do more Get Out the Vote.… Continue

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Last night I had one of those moments.

Last night I had one of those moments.

One of those moments that while you’re experiencing it, there’s that tiny voice in your head that keeps saying –Wow, Wow, Wow.

One of those moments that even while you’re experiencing it, it’s like you’re also watching yourself experience it.

I’ve had these moments before – they’re few and far between – probably what makes them so shocked through with energy and immediacy.

Skiing through bare aspens on a cold… Continue

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Like Aspen, Jackson turns to subsidized housing to keep local populace.

"This place will turn into Disneyland if we don’t have anybody that actually lives here."

Christine Walker, director of the Teton County Housing Authority, which works to provide affordable housing for Jackson workers to keep the Wyoming resort town viable.
- Aspen Times

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Winter employers now recruiting

Hey everybody

We've had a lot of winter employers come back on the site the last couple weeks to recruit for their upcoming season. Lots of ski resorts, satellite businesses in ski resort towns (most of those offer ski passes too) and some Arizona guest ranches that have a long winter season - October - May. So now's the time to snag your winter job. Get it lined out so you can play… Continue

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Dishwashing around the United States

I was listening to an episode of This American Life today called Road Trip!

One of the stories was about this guy that travels from dishwashing job to dishwashing job on the Greyhound.

He's written a book called: Dishwasher: One Man's Quest to Wash Dishes in All Fifty States

by Pete Jordan

Here's a short excerpt about the book from Amazon:

For 12 years, Jordan (aka Dishwasher Pete) tramped about the U.S. washing dishes. Despite… Continue

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Everyone likes profile photos

We’ve noticed that there are a lot of profiles with the ‘grey

shadow men’ as the profile pic. Our hopeful vision was that MyCoolworks would be

a place where folks could come and share their seasonal lifestyles AND

photos. Everyone would feel comfortable, we’d all make fun new

friends and learn about cool new places and adventures. And so far most of that

is true!... except the… Continue

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"Didn't know I could run that fast..."

This is an excerpt of an email a friend sent me this morning - she lives and works in Yellowstone at Mammoth. Made me chuckle and remember a few of my close calls. Thought it was worth a share.

"So last night I head out for a walk and choose the campground thinking I'll avoid the irritable cow elk that are roaming about w/their new calves. I'm just a few minutes up the campground loop minding my own business and out of nowhere! comes this cow elk running at me at FULL SPEED - let me… Continue

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Spreading Light

"There are two ways of spreading light: to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it."
Edith Wharton

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