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5 Ways to Put Travelling On Your Job Resume

It is always challenging to balance between a well-paying job and traveling across the world maybe for leisure or just exploration. Traveling should always be goal oriented and should also go hand in hand with your career objectives.

Wandering across the world aimlessly will not only consume a lot of valuable time but also keep one away from constructive activities around your working area and the society at large. If used carefully, traveling can be turned into working skills for instance, marketing tool, the only thing needed is your traveling experience which you can convert into marketing skills.

The following list proves the importance of traveling in your resume:

  • Communication skills: Communication is very important in our daily routines. Those people who travel most often have the best chance of meeting different people from different backgrounds with a variety of career objectives. Small conversations normally used for instance, when asking for directions in a foreign country will improve your communication skills and above all boost your self-esteem. Skills like negotiation and bargaining power will automatically improve without your consent, especially when booking a cab from one station to the other, bargaining for hotel rooms or even a bus ticket.

  • Independence: Majority of young people out there start self-dependence as soon as they begin crisscrossing the universe. Here one is always alone learning things through the hard way since there are no ready family or friend backups to offer any assistance. Recognizing and accepting the many challenges on your own will harden you and prepare you for the tough times ahead.

  • Education: This is especially applicable to those who studied abroad. You can share your vast experience that you gained while studying away from your home country. A resume expert will tell you that studying away from your loved ones always comes with many challenges such as language barrier, unfavorable weather conditions such as extreme cold, strange foods and beverages among others. You can state in your resume how you were able to tackle these problems and their positive impact on your life.

  • Decision making and practical skills: There are so many practical skills which are always associated with traveling. These include learning new foreign languages which might create a new career path. For instance, an American learning French language while on a trip to Paris. Other skills may come as a result of volunteering in various sectors like teaching, farming or helping in hospitals.
    Attending short term courses like first aid training, gymnastics and soccer coaching courses might also earn you more certificates. Gaining exposure and practical experience will always help you in making vital and crucial decision in tackling real life issues.

  • Partnerships: Traveling can also help you in creating connections with many companies and institutions. Depending on your ideas and exposure, you can always create links and partner with these like minded companies, for instance partnering with a marketing company. Through partnerships and connections, one can acquire a lucrative and permanent job in the long run. By creating links and connecting with this organization one is able to pick different useful skills that can add value to your future career. Other skills like problem solving under stressful conditions and listening skills will improve automatically.

All of these points above will always give a positive impression to the potential employers. Traveling with a purpose will always have a positive impact on your career path. Always remember to keep a traveling diary to help in keeping important notes and very crucial contacts in case of emergency.

This will also help you in developing and improving your writing skills.


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