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First Annual South Pole Farmer's Market

The South Pole Greenhouse has proven to be a great provider for the winter crew. I hit a record of yield, 167 pounds for one week. A progress chart:

South Pole Food Growth Chamber Proudly Presents 2008 winter Annual Harvest

January February March April May June July August
93.73 204.23 40.6 145.1 306.8 345.6 401.35 123.78

I thought a Farmer’s Market would be a fun event, since it is August. The idea started with too many cucumbers and what to do with them, we could eat them fast enough. So I made refrigerated pickles. As I was slicing and packing the cukes into one gallon jars I thought of all the summer events back home and the Farmer’s Market you all must be going to. Hey, we can do that here; pick your own salad... so it was born! The first Annual South Pole Farmers Market…I thought of the Carmel Corn that is made in the kettle at the Bozeman Farmers Market. At first I thought of Popcorn Balls, then saw a recipe for Cracker Jacks… yeah, haven’t eaten Cracker Jack in years! How fun is that?

This weekend was our two-day weekend. We had a Chili cook-off and Open Mic Night on Saturday. About 90% of the station came out for both events. The station was coming together after a two month period of separation. A normal migration or separation occurs after Mid-Winter. Folks become removed, socialize within smaller groups or just lay low. There are many reasons why this happens, somewhat tired of the each other with no escape except the privacy of your room, the darkness, boredom, or just plain hibernation mod. But there comes a point when we migrate back to each other as a whole, for support, excitement that the sun is rising soon, as are the planes that will retrieve us.

So, we plan events such as the farmers market, live concerts, art shows, open mic-night and chili cook-off to give us some normality to the isolation. It has been an amazing experience to see how 60 people can exist for 8-12 months with one day off a week, live in darkness and isolation and still act civil towards each other. It’s an interesting event to watch and be a part of for the past two years.

* * * * * * * * * * *

First Annual South Pole Food Growth Chamber’s “Farmers Market “
August 31, 2008

Home made Refrigerated Pickles
Baguettes and or Home Made bread
Cheese Platter- Blue, Swiss, Goat, Feta
Baked Brie
Dips for cucumbers – Ranch, Dill Weed Dip, Yogurt
Olive Spread or Pesto
Three Bean Salad, Garbanzo, Kidney, Green Bean, Onions
Cracker Jacks (Yep, home made Cracker Jacks)

Bring your sunglasses, summer clothes and appetite. Hope to see you there!

South Pole Food Growth Chamber
Amundsen-Scott Base Antarctica

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Comment by Terry on August 26, 2008 at 5:06pm
Hi Kari... sure there is always room at the South Pole... thanks for gtaking a look at my blog! Happy fall to you... we are passing back the shorter days and well recieving your sunshine!

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