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South Pole Farmer's Market Aug 31st


Life at South Pole is going well, with little over 10 weeks away from deploying>>>>. We are so excited to see light blue on the horizon which becomes further spread across the sky and brighter and each day getting closer to sunrise. The sun will be rising on Sept. 21.

Sorry that I haven’t been as consistent with writing this past season. Perhaps the novelty is wearing off to some degree, I suppose there are only so many ways and times I can write the sun is going down and the sun is coming up! Don’t get me wrong, I love Antarctica and would winter again at the McMurdo Base if a job is offered. So far offers haven’t been made for next winter, they are still busy working on summer hiring right now. October we should hear something.

If not, I will have to make a decision on what to do.... I'm leaning towards school; it is very scary and foreign to me right now. Where to attend school and where to go? Hummm, I'm torn between a 15 mo vocational schooling, like X-ray tech. I would also love to study horticulture. I do love dirt and growing! LOL

I have looked briefly into U of M Western in Dillon, tuition seems reasonable. I need to do more research. Decisions decisions! ahhhh... any advice would be well taken from you graduates that I admire and envy for getting a degree many years ago... or recently!

This week I have been making earrings and note cards for our Art Show, Farmers Market, and open mic night this Sunday Aug 31.... I do want to share with you a “Pole-Al” announcement I just sent out about the Farmers Market. This event should be lots of fun.

Dinner time… see everything revolves around the sun, moon and food!

I hope this finds you well…

All the best,

First Annual
South Pole Food Growth Chamber’s
“Farmers Market “
August 31, 2008

Come in and pick your own meal. I will also include the following menu to help complete your harvest.

Home made Refrigerated Pickles!
Baguettes and or Home Made bread
Cheese Platter
Baked Brie
Dips for cucumbers with fresh herbs!
Olive Spread or Pesto
Three Bean Salad with fresh onions!
Cracker Jacks (Yep, home made Cracker Jacks) if it turns out!

Pomegranate & White tea
Iced tea
Sun  tea
Fresh mint!
Lime juice

Bring your sunglasses.
Hope to see you there!

South Pole Food Growth Chamber
Amundsen-Scott Base Antarctica

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Comment by Terry on September 6, 2008 at 10:04pm
Hi Bill... THANK YOU for updating! :)

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