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...or is it in the air? Most of my trip between jobs is flying. Usually I'd like to mix the mode of travel up, but it just worked better by flying most of the time.

Basin Harbor is going to take me to the airport in Burlington tomorrow morning. I'm flying to Boston, have to transfer in New York though. On Saturday morning, I'm running the 5-mile Ollie Run in South Boston. The rest of the time I'm going to wing it. I'm staying close to Fenway, but the Red Sox are away. The hostel is also close to Boylston and the Commons, so I'll probably just hang out and wander.

Later Saturday afternoon, I am going to catch the train. It's only to New York, though. I'm not trying to downplay New York, but I've gotten use to multiple day train trips. On Sunday, I'm taking a class at the Institute of Culinary Education about preserving and pickling food. I'm thinking about taking a walking food tour in Greenwich village early in the week, but I haven't decided yet. I'm staying in a hostel in the upper west side. I might make it to the other boroughs, maybe the Bronx or Brooklyn.

On the 11th, I'm flying across the country to San Francisco and staying at a hostel in Union Station. I'm going to run a 5K that weekend called the Banana Chase. I'm there until the 16th and have some vague ideas of what I want to do...maybe Alcatraz, maybe the Presidio.

Then it's a flight to LA. I'm staying in a hostel in Hollywood. The owners of the Kay El Bar live in Orange County and I'm meeting them sometime, no set plans yet on my part. Well, except for the 21st, I'm running another 5K in Brentwood called Kickin' Cancer.

Then it's off to Phoenix on the 22nd, where I'll grab a shuttle into Wickenburg and move into my room on the ranch...I might have to evict a lizard or two. Most likely I'll just throw my crap in the door and run down to see Nip and Preacher. Uh, scratch that, I won't even go to my room until I said hi to the big guys.

Update 9/12: Boston was interesting. By the end of the stay I had figured out the subway system. If I ever head that way again... I decided to backout of the Ollie run because of the first storms of the remnants of Hanna. It wasn't worth risking an injury and ruining the rest of my vacation. The class I attended in New York was one of those nice to know, but I'm not sure if I'll ever use things. I have realized I pay more attention to other people's fashion more than I thought. I decided to take a seat on one of the benches on Broadway and do some people watching. The first person that caught my eye, was a 40ish-year-old man wearing a green velour shirt with red corduroy pants. My first thought was that CERN collider had time-warped me back to the 70s, but then I saw the group of teens with their pants around their knees.

Flights: jetBlue from Burlington/JFK and JFK/Logan were both uneventful and on time. I like jetBlue's leg room. On both flight's their inflight entertainment system was having some issues and some options were not working, but they were short flights. Virgin America from JFK/San Francisco: This was my first time taking Virgin, a 6-hour scheduled flight that was completed a little earlier. I watched CNN most of the flight and read a little. The leg room wasn't bad either. Hey, I'm 6'1", things like that matter. Amtrak: Boston/NYC The terminal at South Station in Boston was a bit hectic. They were filming a movie there, um Darkness something, Mel Gibson was the only actor I recognized. The trip was on-time at both ends. The last time I took this route it was full, but there were plenty of open spaces this time.

Hostels: HI-Boston, this was my second stay there. The rooms are a bit cramped, but it's not like I was staying in the room anyway. No elevator and my room was on the third floor. It's in the Back Bay area. Near Mass. Ave., Fenway, Boylston. HI-New York...second stay there also. It's at Amsterdam and 103rd. Near Central Park. Where the Upper West neighborhood and Harlem mix. I had some good, CHEAP, pizza a couple blocks north at a place just called Mama's. HI-San Francisco Downtown. Just arrived yesterday, still forming an opinion, but it's on the border of Union Square and the Tenderloin. In New York. In NY there didn't seem to be an exact border between the neighborhoods, but a more gradual mix. In, SF, within a couple of blocks one direction and it's art galleries and upscale shopping and boutique restaurants, but the other direction it's 'adult' entertainment with boarded up buildings with a few discount stores scattered.

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Comment by Keith Larson on September 4, 2008 at 6:52pm
It's only $3/trip. I see they have changed the times a little again. Maybe I'll be able to check out something other than just making a stop at the mall. The first one there used to get to the mall around 11 and the last one back was around 3, so it was difficult to make any connections and get back. But I see it's like 9 and 4 now. One of the stops is over by Alco which is somewhat close to los Cab.

There's a library in Wickenburg it has internet access for I think 50 cents. If you have your own laptop there are a couple of places with free wifi. They have a theatre that does bring in some names, usually not top-top level, but the prices are reasonable for the talent. The Western Museum is impressive for a city of that size. There is a movie theatre---with one screen, one show during Mon-Thurs, but a couple and a matinee on Fri-Sun.
Comment by 40Rob on September 4, 2008 at 2:11pm
Thanks for the good wishes, I hope I get it too, it would be nice to get out of the city for awhile. I passed through Wickenburg once like eight years ago but never spent any time there - is there anything to do there, a library, Internet access, that kind of thing? There is a Phoenix City Bus that connects Arrowhead Mall with Wickenburg now which I think is really cool. From Arrowhead Mall you can connect with other buses to (kind of) get around the valley. Is there somewhere you wanted to check out? Maybe I could tell you how to get there, or you could check out
Comment by Jason Kemple on September 3, 2008 at 3:31pm
How do you find all these hostels? btw, dont ever watch the movie lol..u wont want to stay in one!
Comment by 40Rob on September 3, 2008 at 3:22pm
Was that Rancho de los Cabelleros? Two days ago i applied online with them, maybe our paths will cross, who knows? Enjoy your downtime travelling.

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