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Getting out of the Navy was a difficult life step. Ask anyone who has been honorably discharged from military service. It’s almost as if something, or someone, dies inside. There is a period of mourning. The mourning can last a day or two for some. For me it lasted almost one and a half years.

During this time I started looking for the “new” me. I picked up a book that happened to be on my wife’s library shelf called “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. After reading what I still believe to be an excellent piece of financial literature I knew for the first time that I could make it to millionaire.

I took two things away from that book. The first was the “real” difference between an asset and a liability. An asset is anything putting money into your pocket. A liability on the other hand is anything taking money out of your pocket. Unfortunately that means the car and house are not an asset unless you’re getting paid rent on them.

The second thing I took away from Kiyosaki’s book was the eye-opening concept of seeing, looking for opportunities all around me. Soon enough I was seeing opportunities everywhere. However, being in a financial place to take advantage of them was another matter.

It was right about then that my wife had me take another good look at a Network Marketing company called YTB. It was an excellent business opportunity, it fit my investment criteria being as inexpensive as it was, and more importantly I got my first mental toolbox tool from it.

The tool was tucked away in the pages of learning material YTB provided us (I’m still impressed with how many learning opportunities there are made available by YTB). The tool I found was this, how to make and set goals. Up to that point my life had been directionless. But after I set my first goal of making one million dollars, it was like the compass needle of my life suddenly swung to point due north toward my goal.

The tool of goal setting has evolved and developed in me and given me an awesome sense of accomplishment. And as this tool has grown more and more useful, other tools have been showing up in my life. So I started constructing a mental toolbox. It started in my head but now largely resides on paper in binders just to help keep track of it all.

The purpose of this blog and those that follow is not only to help people achieve a better life by describing my tools and how I use them but also to help others create their own mental tool boxes.

I strongly believe the tools in my mental toolbox have led to all my successes. Others using them will allow themselves to start operating at 100%. This is important to me because success in life and operating at 100% feels good. When I feel good I find others around me feel good too as well as others around them. So I am making the world a better place by sharing my mental toolbox. Join me next week when I talk more about my experience with my First tool, Goal Setting.

Benjamin F. Schenck

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