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Just One Sunrise a Year at the South Pole and it happens tomorrow - September 21st!

Things are very busy here as we gear up for sunrise and summer…At the South Pole we only get 11 hours of internet and phone use as we cycle through three satellites just for 11 hours.

The sky is showing pink and orange as if in early morning...Just tonight we sat next to one of our many galley dinning room windows and awed at the horizon. Funny how a sunrise or set at the bottom of the world will take days and weeks while back home it takes minutes and's very nice to know another winter is under my belt and almost over! We are getting very excited for our Sunrise Dinner Party September 19th, actual sunrise is September 21.

We will have one Bassler Plane passing through South Pole on Oct. 23 for fuel on their way to McMurdo where they retrieve passengers deploying for South Pole...They will fly seven trips back and forth from McMurdo to Pole with approx. 15-18 passengers of management staff coming early for summer to train or "Turn Over" with the winter crew. The first Hercules C130 is schedule for November 5th, when the "Main Body" of summer folks starts to arrive. So we wait for the summer migration!

I have applied for a job at McMurdo Bay Base for one final (winter) year, since Denver (Raytheon Polar Head Quarters) are still hiring summer crew, we wait for a winter position. If not I will take some time to figure out what and where I will be next, do I really have to grow up?

We took our winter crew picture today at the "Spool Henge" (were we stack the emptied cable and hose spools to store until shipped back) with the sun behind us... it was fun to walk outside and to be away from the station about .5 mile. It was very nice out, low winds and about -80F, with no winds that is nice!

Spool Henge

South Pole Webcam

"This photo is of the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station taken every 15 minutes (if a relay satellite is available for transmission) from the roof of the National Science Foundation's Atmospheric Research Observatory which houses NOAA/ESRL's Clean Air Facility. In order to preserve the life of the camera, it is tilted down onto the snow when the sun is in the field of view, which occurs for several weeks around sunset (March) and sunrise (September) when the sun marches in a circle above the horizon. From mid-April until mid-August the moon and the aurora australis provide the only natural lighting."

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