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Am I in Heaven? or is this just Colorado?

I woke up a bit early this morning (3 am) not because I'm ill, or feeling bad.  No, it's just such a great thrill to be here in Colorado that I have to wake up every couple of hours and pinch myself to be sure it's all real!   The weather has been simply amazing ever since we arrived .... cool, clear, sunny with rich blue sky and snow capped mountains everywhere.  My vacation rental house (see "R&R Pagosa House" on FB) has survived it's first year of my ownership and 3 renters with only a few minor, inexpensive items missing ... and nothing broken (knock on wood).  We have added some really neat enhancements to our place to include another leather recliner for the living room, and a great little computer table w/ printer for the master suite.   I cranked up my Weber kettle grill last night for some fantastic hamburgers .... lean but juicy and perfectly grilled :-)   Then I played Scrabble with my wife and sister-in-law and played a 51 point triple word score!  When that happens you KNOW life is good :-)  Just a few more days before I move on to Mesa Verde and assume my new role as an extraordinary Park Ranger, and get to try some of Jim's fantastic pancakes down at Morefield campground.   I am even contemplating some road trips to Grand Canyon and Jackson Wy to meetup with some of the rest of you!  If ya ask nice, I might even bring along my funny Ranger hat and let ya try it on for size.  You never know .... it might fit you perfectly :-)

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Comment by Nancy B. on May 2, 2011 at 3:55pm
Another smile...thanks.
Comment by Carol on May 1, 2011 at 7:39am

 Looking forward to sharing a cold one with you, Aggie, I'm holding ya to your word.

no ifs and or buts!

I'll try on your hat, you take a photo, and that will be my Ranger experience....then back to the kitchen for me :D


Comment by Patty Brown on May 1, 2011 at 5:54am
Sounds like life is very good!  Can't believe people have taken stuff out of your house!  That's crazy.  I used to clean a rental cabin and can't remember anyone ever taking anything.  What was the Scrabble word?  Your road trips sound nice.  I hope you get to go and see alot of coolworkers!  I'm so glad the weather is treating you kindly.  You are definatley in one of God's most beautiful places!  Enjoy.

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