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Monday the 27th of June was one of the most awesome days ever!  My roommate and I got to go fishing with one of the vendors.  At first it started out with Nick from Tundra Tours picked us up at 5 am and we headed out to Birch Creek in Talkeetna.  After a bug filled, muddy two mile hike through the woods we came to the creek.  There was one guy there fishing from a boat.  We cast in and just basically learned what we needed to do.  After a few minutes, Nick said that guy has the best spot and doesn't seem too happy to be sharing it with us, so lets go.  So we hiked back to the truck and headed to Montana Creek.  We proceeded to take another 1 mile hike through the woods and drainage pipes to get to a creek crowded with about 30 people.  As Nick got our lines ready he said get ready to combat fish.  You are elbow to elbow with the next guy and just hope that as you cast you don't get tangled with him.  Luckily I was next to a friend of Nick's and he was very nice and helpful.  After many unsuccessful castings, I decided to take a break.  Sure enough just minutes later this friend, Cliff, catches a 40 lb King Salmon.  I figure I'm not going to catch anything if my line is not in the water so decide to give it another try.  As I'm getting ready Cliff says to try his pole and to just cast out and let it sit.  So I do, and pretty soon someone yells FISH ON, which means everyone reel in so he can fight his fish.  Once he lands his catch we all cast out again.  This goes on for several minutes then all of a sudden I feel a slight tug, so I try to set my hook, thinking it's another false tug when suddenly it pulls back.  So I holler fish on and Cliff says don't fight too hard yet.  Let me have your pole, get up on the bank and around this tree and I'll give you back your pole.  I do and he does and a fight begins.  It must have been at least 10 minutes, but it went by in a flash.  Someone hollers to Cliff, have you got a net.  No, so they hand him one.  Then someone else says she's a virgin (I thought he was speaking of me, since it was my first fish ever caught) and I said yes I am.  They all started laughing and said, not you the net!!!  We landed the fish and it was about a 25 pounder!!!!  I was so excited to be so lucky to have caught one.  But the best part of the entire day was that all the locals came up and told me what a good job and congratulating me.  It was great to feel like one of the crowd!  Which I hope to be soon!!!


Happy Trails!!

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