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I've been waiting for a typical day for "A Day in the Life, Take 2", but I haven't found one. So I'll just grab yesterday, maybe mention a few points, and sometime later make a third take. Let's make it a random date: March 5th.

January 7th is my birthday, but I kinda quit doing birthdays years ago.

I woke up at 6 am. I don't necessarily wake up then, sometimes earlier sometimes later. Most of my work is scheduled later in the day so usually I wake up whenever. I have a room right on the ranch. It's the Kay El Bar Guest Ranch in Wickenburg, Arizona. I share the house with Mike, our maintenance/wrangler, and soon with Luke in operations. We each have our own room. Seniority (I was here last season) means I got the one with it's own bathroom...they will share. The ranch also rents two houses in town for most of the other workers.

I could have signed up and went to the staff breakfast at 7. But I usually skip it. I've been a breakfast cook many years. Eggs are something that I can usually pass up. Now if we served donuts... Instead I go to our mini-fridge and grab one of my protein shakes and click on the TV. We have a satellite dish. I go to the Weather Station and find out that even though there is a tiny chill in the air this morning that it will warm up into the mid-60s and probably hit 70 the rest of the week. Your able to program 5 cities into the outlook and I check out what's happening back in Oshkosh, Wisconsin {home} and laugh that I almost called this morning "cold."

I got some of my exercise clothes together and decided to head into town to the fitness center located at the town's hospital. I walk there. i walk just about everywhere. It's about half of a mile to Rincon Road, then about a mile to The Meadows, a rehab center for just about any kind of addiction or eating disorder. From there it's just a little more than another mile to the fitness center. Right now, I lift a set of weights, run 5K on the treadmill, then lift another set. Somedays I just do more cardio, like treadmill-bike-ecliptical. Next month, Alyson (the assitant general manger) and I are running a 5K race in Phoenix. I shower and head towards the library.

The library is about another mile down Tegner St. and then left a block on Apache. I listen to audio books while I walk and I had just finished a Lawrence Block mystery on the 6th. This time I pick out a western. I sometimes go through 3 or 4 novels a week. I stop in at Bashas, a grocery store next to the library and pick up some wine and some more protein shakes. Nope, I don't mix them, BLEAGH. But I try various wines, I'm still expanding my wine education. This time it's a Francis Coppola Cabernet.

I then make a stop at Nana's. It's a local coffeeshop that just opened in November. I get a mocha and head back towrds the ranch. Along the way I make a stop by Woody's gas station because I forgot to pick up a newspaper at Bashas.

Now somedays I go for a ride in the morning. Then I would have caught my horse and tack ready by 7:30 and headed out at 9. Sometimes I go very early to the fitness center, they open at 5, and get back before the ride...sometimes it's getting up and running down the hill to the corral. But I don't feel like riding today.

I drop off my stuff in my room and get ready for work. I do have some logo'd polo shirts I can wear, or some western-style shirts if I want. Since the meal I'm preparing for the evening is a buffet with me at a carving station I'll wear a western. Then I head to the wrangler room and kitchen. The wrngler room is a staff dining room basically. But it's also the place where we pick up our mail, and there's a wireless card to get the internet there, too. I have three birthday cards in the mail.

Lunch is getting ready to be served. I did most of the prep work the day before, and Anne, the head cook finishes putting it together. For lunch, the wranglers eat with the guests, the rest of the staff has their choice of eating in the main dining room or the wrangler room. It's the same food either way. Today's menu is fajitas.

Then I help the operations staff clear the dining area and dishes and set the tables for dinner. Then get the evening meal prepared. Tonight: Smoked ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, cornbread. And for dessert I'll bake some apple pie. I also do the prep work for tomorrow's lunch.

While I'm waiting for the pies to finish I haul out the ironing board. Napkins, napkins, napkins. The operations staff usually does them, but they were a bit busy this morning. On a ranch this size, job descriptions get a little fuzzy. If the wranglers were a bit short, I might have been out there with a shovel/rake...and it's not snow or leaves.

There's a little cocktail-time for a half-hour before dinner over in the lodge's living room. Today I just made a veg tray and dip. Then finish getting the buffet set and light a fire in the fireplace. After service while I'm washing the dishes, Alyson came back and told me someone had some questions about how to make cornbread. I started to walk out there and they did the whole Happy Birthday-thing. She blamed it on Brandon, one of the wranglers, but I know who I will get revenge on.

Later, after sweeping and mopping and making sure all the lights are off...and ovens, etc. I sat down with a glass of that Cabernet and connect to the internet. Tomorrow, Anne will have the day off. Which means I'll be working all day. But I have Friday off.

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