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Nepal is paradise for Butterfly watching. With over 600 species, 20 of which are on the endangered list, butterfly enthusiasts will be able to watch and record butterflies in all their natural beauty to their heart's content. Nepal is excellent representation to find both in oriental and Palaearctic realms. According to official records, Nepal has 651 species of butterflies which is 3.72% of the world's butterflies. All these species are categorized under 11 families of the existing of 15 families in the world. About 29 species and sub-species have been found widespread in the country. Butterflies can be found from 2,700m to 5,500m in the Himalayas region. Parnassius acdestis (Sikkim Banded Apollo), Aglais Ladakensis (Ladak Tortoise Shell) and Pontia Sherpae (Sherpa white) exist in higher altitude in the western Himalayas of Nepal. Parnassius species (Apollo) can be found above 2,700m from eastern to the western Himalayas of Nepal. Mid Mountain region is meeting point for both the Palaearcticand oriental species. Among the notable and rare species found in this part includes Teinopalpus imperialis (Kaiser-E-Hind), Papilio Krishna (Krishna Peacock) and many other interesting species. More than 360 species of butterflies are found in Kathmandu and its surrounding hills. Teinopalpus imperialis, Papilio Krishna, Diagora nicevillei, Troides aeacus etc. are some of the notable kinds found in Kathmandu. The southern part stretching from Gofavari to be Pulchowki can be considered to be one of the most potential sites for the butterflies of Nepal. Shivapuri National Park is the next hot spot for the diversity of the butterflies. Various studies reveal the existence of 102 species of butterflies in this park. Rare species like Papilio Krishna has been reported at an elevation of 2,120m of Shivapuri.

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