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A few years ago, I was working in the kitchen of the cafeteria here at GCSR. I would come in early and help the breakfast cook prep everything he needed for the day and do his back-up. And I did that on my own time...which means I went into the cafeteria a few hours early every morning WITHOUT getting paid. It was sooo early that no manager was around to stop me from working off-the-clock.

I had even written a blog on another site about it...stating that it didn't matter what your job was or what you got paid...but that if you didn't like the job enough to do it for free, then you were in the wrong job.


So just imagine for a moment: if money was no object, then what activity would you do to fill your week. If experience or educational criteria presented no problem and you get any job you wanted...

What would that job be? Now some of us have a 'dream job' list on our profile page.

When we were little kids, we were all probably asked by someone..."what do you want to be when you grow up?" I wonder, out of all the kids asked that many actually become whatever their answer was? For the kids who never even got close to their childhood 'dream job'...I wonder WHY NOT? What stopped them?


As a kid I wanted to be a pediatric nurse, a teacher, an airline stewardess...and yes a clown in the circus. As a grown-up, I have been a nurse's assistant, a substitute teacher, and I have probably traveled around this country on planes & greyhound buses more then anyone I knew as a young kid. The desire to be a clown really isn't in me anymore. But growing up in a dysfunctional abusive family...clowns meant laughter and laughter meant happiness. Who wouldn't want to grow up and just be happy? You see; during my childhood being 100% totally happy sounded almost as impossible as a job at the Grand Canyon woulda been. :)


Now quite a few of us here on CW, have listed a dream job on our profile pages. Some have said "any job in a certain location" ,but others were a bit more specific with job titles: painter, actor, writer, music, photographer, accountant, truck driver, restaurant owner, and lets not forget being a park ranger :)

Now there must of been a reason we chose whatever jobs we did...we all get excited & interested in different stuff. Things that we look forward to doing on vacation time...but why do we have to wait for a paid vacation time to do what gets us excited???


It's time to turn your dream into a goal...if you're not actually working toward the goal, then it will just stay a daydream. Do you have it in you to turn that daydream into a real goal?


If you were to ask me today what I want to be when I grow up...I would tell you a photographer & writer that gets paid enough to travel all around being my own boss. But is that a goal or just a daydream? Well at the moment I work in a cafeteria; I 'used to' write poetry and started a novel that never got finished. I like taking pictures but have never been paid for any photo. So you tell me.


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Comment by Ed Boland on January 19, 2012 at 6:32pm

Really liked your Blog Sunni and the comment by Peter D. Got the old gears upstairs turning again. I remember sitting in my junior H.S.; the boring claases; where I used to doodle draw vehicles, some were cartoonish and the classics of the 40' & 50's. I also helped my brothers repair vehicles and at 20, Uncle Sam decided that I needed to go in the military. I trained as a wheel & track vehicle repairman (Repairperson). While I was in I took a home study course from the Natl. School of Conservation and was set on becoming a Park Ranger, (or so I thought). I left the Army in 1974 and one brother and I decided to open a vehicle repair shop. We had the mechanic thing down, but weren't to savvy with the office operations and closed within two years. I went to a community college for a Business degree with the thought we would try it again. Got involved in the marriage thing in 1979 and moved to AZ. in 1980, so much for the shop. I worked a few different jobs and found employ working a youth group selling candy door to door. I was their trainer and driver. We all made good money. Mine being about 800-1,000$$ after expenses, but the hours for me were long, tiring and finally burned out in a few years. Have been single again since 1990; finished a BA in Media Communications in 1993. Will jump ahead to October of 09; an 8 yr employ came to an end and having an RV; and much thought the decision was to do some traveling and work camping and here it is 2012. In 2013 will be 62 and take my early SS and keep work camping and the DREAM of my own retirement business is in the stages of materializing. I work on it a few hours a day and hope to have it ready by 2013.

I also want to say; Best of everything in achieving our goals! It starts with a DREAM!


Comment by Leo Anderson on November 13, 2011 at 5:51pm



Thanks for sharing this enlightening post. It has definately made me think of ways to make my dreams come to fruition. I am sure it will do the same for other Cool Works users as well. I hope you take heed to your advice because I am sure you will become a great writer who takes wonderful pictures during your travels.





Comment by Anneliese on November 10, 2011 at 4:17pm

I would have to say that being a cafeteria worker probably gives you a lot more material than the average storyteller has to Tell :)


Comment by aggie71 on November 10, 2011 at 9:13am

Nice challenge Sunni .... are folks really pursuing their "dream" job or are they stuck in a financial (and social perhaps) "rut".   Of course my dream job was forced on me after I got canned from my career job - THANK GOD :-)  I count myself as very lucky, many won't be (i.e. they'll drop dead before they even get close to their dream).  Anyway ... something to definitely think about. 

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