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So I deleted my blog about Gwins with requests from those who manage this website. Trust me when I say I had NO IDEA that it would have become what it did. I still stand firm on my original intent on writing the post and am thankful for those here who supported my honesty. I never did see any of the "hurtful" posts and plead those who did leave nasty comments steer clear from my site.
On another note, I thought I would update my life in Alaska to create a happier vibe. I have been living in Fairbanks for almost 7 months now! It went by pretty fast, and I am now looking forward to an incredible summer here in the Interior. It was a cold winter however, enduring temperatures down to -50 during January. But I survived my first winter coming from Florida and feel that I can handle any Alaskan weather from here on out! I also just bought a new truck, well equipped for Alaskan terrain. I feel as if I am finally settling into the Last Frontier. May 17th will mark my first year in Alaska and I feel very elated at my decision to leave the cities behind and embark on a simple life in the woods.
I am really looking forward to some fishing and camping this summer. Many of my friends from this past summer are returning and I can't wait to see old friends. This past weekend my old room mate from Gwins came into town. We went to Chena Hot Springs and saw the International Ice Sculpture Festival. It was a great and relaxing weekend. Although, it was a strange feeling putting on my bathingsuit, it's been quite some time.
Each day I find myself reminded of why I first decided to come to Alaska. The wildlife, the scenery, and most importantly the way of life, has created an ambiance that I have found I personally strive in. Yes, hauling in my own water is a pain in the ass, and warming up the car half an hour before I leave anywhere is a thorn in my side, but working hard to keep myself above water makes life all that much sweeter. Every time I see a moose, I catch myself a little more excited and in awe than the time before. No place in this world can ever compare to the opportunities here in Alaska. This truly is a magnificent place, but not for the weak at heart.
So I hope everyone is doing well in their small corner of the world. Keep traveling, keep getting yourself out into the world. There is much to see!

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Comment by AlaskaFound on April 24, 2009 at 12:55pm

Can you believe it's been a year now? Where the heck does the time go? I sure am glad you had a good winter up there, of all the people that I saw come up here to Alaska last summer I never would have guessed that you would be the one to stay, and head all the way up to Fbx on top of it. But it sounds like it has been everything that you wanted, and to be able to live life how you want to live it such an amazing thing. I really am happy to hear that you are doing well. Summer is almost here, seems like winter just started! But now the sun is back with a vengeance. I hope to get up that way sooner than later, never know when I will pop up.

Emily is actually here in Anchorage with me this weekend. Good to catch up with her. Makes me miss everyone a bunch. We sure had some good times last summer.

Well i guess thats about all I got, hope all is well with you. Tell Gregg I said howdy.
Comment by akscootr on March 10, 2009 at 7:44pm
I hear the northern lights were slow even up there...never got to see them this year. What is your impression of Chena as far as a server position in winter? Thanx for any info

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