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Final Countdown: as your summer season arrival day approaches....


I have just over a month to go befpre I head to Yellowstone National Park. I have started going through to process of getting everything I need for the season and making a list of items I will need to get. I have also been trying to get as much rest as possible because I know it will be a busy summer in Yellowstone, and I will be busy exploring the park on days off.

What preperations are you making as your season arrival date approaches? How are you mentally preparing for the summer season? Are you as excited as I am? I look forward to reading your responses. Before we all know it, we will all be at are summer jobs locations have a summer adventure of a lifetime!



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Comment by Cynthia Garcia on March 7, 2013 at 1:39pm

Hello Leo,

So where exactly are you gonna be? I'm excited for you.  I have done Yellowstone as well.  Lived up that way (in Jackson) for six years and loved it!!

I have been preparing for my next adventure as well.  I believe it will be in New Mexico.  I am excited to get outta the big city!!! Been planning and preparing like doing car maintenance(for rocky roads lol) packing and writing to-do lists, wrapping up loose ends cause I won't be back for quite a while which is alright by me.  Since I have done this alot I know what I like to have wiith me for ultimate comfort!!  Learned to have a mini-fridge/microwave in my room.  As well as a laptop/dvd player and several movies on hand.  Exploring the outdoors, camping, hiking, pub, tours, rafting etc etc is all great and you will have plenty of time to do that but every here and there I like to just snuggle up in my room with my little comforts and veg.  Sometimes it's nice to just grab a cold soda or gatorade from your fridge, pop some popcorn, and put in a flick.  Netflix is great to have if you have your mail delivery set up.  Internet is often sketchy out in the parks so I never depend on that.  That goes for cell service as well.  It will be a great time and so many awesome friends to make.  Have fun!!

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