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Greetings to everyone from the land of the Midnight Sun

Well it is almost a midnight sun here... getting dark around 11pm right now.. So far we have sunshine about every other day. One day snow, one day sun.. then clouds come back for some rain and maybe more snow. More and more Whales are returning to their summer feeding grounds and the wildlife population is growing at leaps and bounds. I wanted to wish everyone out there who is about to embark either on their first seasonal adventure, or make a return to an old haunt. The adventure continues and I feel blessed to be able to call this incredible and majestic backdrop my own for the next six months. If anyone out there has any doubts or fears about embarking on a new lifes adventure... don't let the fear take you over... that fear is only an illusion... and the prize that awaits you is well worth the risk... Afterall life is an adventure and a journey and we must all hop on and enjoy it to our fullest.

How many places can you go and work and have Bald Eagles, Sea Otters and Whales in your own backyard.. not many... everyday there is something new and new opportunities await you around the corner... The other day at work, a Young juvenile Bald eagle attempted to steal some food from a Sea Otter floating in the marina... thankfully the wise Sea Otter quickly dove down and avoided the grasp of those sharp talons aiming towards her... right out my work window.. Pretty incredible.. I have been reading a lot of the postings from older and boulder.. and it sounds like a great many of you are in Yellowstone.. so say hello to the Bison for me.. I spent a year in Montana.. and visited Yellowstone in the winter and it was amazing!.... the abundance of wildlife in these parks and places is incredible.

So to all of you have an absolutely fantabulous summer wherever you are or where ever you go. Enjoy all your perks and take as many photos as your memory cards will hold..

Joyfully ,

Raven Sky

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Comment by Patty Brown on May 2, 2010 at 3:55am
Hey Dawna, I will be housekeeping lead. And I hope to take full advantage of everything offered. Within reason, that is.
Comment by Dawna Raven sky on April 27, 2010 at 7:46pm
thanks guys for your comments..I will do my best to keep everyone updated... Good luck Aggie with your job quest for next summer.

Patty, i am sure you will take advantages of whatever offers they give you to come down to Seward to do a wildlife tour... I worked in Denali 04..... and there were lots of perks... good luck with everything.. what will you be doing for princess?
Comment by aggie71 on April 27, 2010 at 6:27pm
Dawna .... I just love these pics you are posting. Right now I fully intend to apply for jobs in Seward & Denali next year and see what happens .... hopefully something will "fit".
Comment by Patty Brown on April 27, 2010 at 11:37am
What a great experience you are having! Thanks for sharing it with us. I won't be far from you at McKinley Princess Lodge. I am looking forward to my first year there, but hope it won't be the last. Keep in touch and let us know how you're doing! Talk to you soon! Patty

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