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....and other roadside oddities.
I have left Florida behind. Since over-baking myself on the beach I have spent three days in decreasing temperatures, snow, ice and freezing fog.

As I travel westward, in the boredom of concentrating on the Interstate lane ahead of me, I see only brief glimpses of the land I pass through. Some much more brief than others: the 50’-100’ limited vision of freezing fog masked the sight of everything but the next 4 or 5 white line lane dividers ahead of me, only the occasional passing truck, quickly disappearing into the while blur ahead, or a sudden flash of an overpass leading to who knows where broke the monotony. Fortunately, icicle formation on my cabover extension, windshield wipers and side view mirrors provided the main object of my curiosity for these several hundred miles.

Many times as I passed a place name I recognized, or a park or museum that sounded interesting, I wished I had allowed more time for the journey. Given the frigid and wet conditions though, I doubt I would have ventured from my warm dry vehicle. I have, however, added a slower drive, in better weather across this highway to my wish list for the future.

Some places just cry for more exploration: Natural Bridge, and the Ozarks being just two that jump immediately to mind. Others, well, my brief glimpse of the World’s largest Map of Route 66, probably not something I would usually stop for. I did get to view the Biggest Cross in the Western Hemisphere, a sight that promised a unique Spiritual experience. Not my thing, anyway, but I saw most of it from the road, with the top obscured in the fog it looked like a big pylon to me, but the display of crosses below revealed it’s true function. Close by was the Top of Texas Catholic Superstore, again, not somewhere I could imagine myself visiting, except as a stop for a candid photo. The resulting picture though would probably end up with my collection of oversize fireworks stores from North Carolina and Tennessee.

One thing that has caught my attention (just proving that driving gives me way too much time on my hands), is the interesting way each State words their signage. The recent addition of the “give room to emergency vehicles” law has resulted in a forest of new signs, some of which are overly verbose descriptions on very large signs. Maybe in a few years this will become such a simple concept to us that a standardized image can be used instead, as most States currently use for seatbelt usage.

My favorite sign of all though, worthy of the title for this blog, is “Gusty Winds May Exist!” Yes they may. So may sudden unexpected snowstorms, and rainbows. Bigfoot may also exist, God may, and somewhere out there, a recession proof job may. Maybe we can get highway signs for them too!

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