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****HAUNTED PLACES****Has anyone ever worked or been to a HAUNTED PLACE?

Has anyone ever worked or been to a HAUNTED PLACE?

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Comment by Brooke Andersen on September 5, 2012 at 4:20pm


Comment by Travel Bug on August 26, 2012 at 2:32pm
Comment by Brooke Andersen on August 25, 2012 at 3:08pm

Haunted Places and Legendary Spots Around Seattle

Pike Place Market - located on First and Pike in downtown Seattle, the Market is one of the most haunted places in Washington. Native American apparitions are reported to appear regularly in The Market Down Under.

For 10,000 years, long before white settlers arrived, the area where the Pike Place Market now stands and the surrounding land was inhabited by the Suquamish and Duwamish tribes.

In 1855, the settlers created the Treaty of Point Elliott which required all Native Americans to leave for the reservations and the Market was constructed over the land where they had lived. A large central area of the Market was built directly on top of an ancient Indian burial ground. This is a fact that has been confirmed by the Duwamish who have officially stated that the area is a documented tribal cemetery.

Thornewood Castle - located in Lakewood, Washington, the Thornewood Castle Inn and Gardens is periodically investigated by various paranormal groups, is available for viewing by reservation only, and is otherwise known as "Rose Red" from the 2002 movie by Stephen King.

Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery - located at 1200 E Howe St. on Capitol Hill in Seattle, the small Civil War cemetery is adjacent to the Lakeview Cemetery and is haunted by civil war soldiers.

The Screaming Well - private location, faint screams and scratching noises can be heard coming from within the well, you can almost make out what they're saying, but if you listen too closely, the noises stay inside your head long after you've left the well.

Mel's Hole - located near Manastash, Washington around 100 miles east of Seattle. The exact location is unknown. Mel's hole is a bottomless pit with the power to bring dead animals back to life.

Harvard Exit Theatre - located at 807 East Roy on Capitol Hill in Seattle, the three story brick building was constructed in 1925 and originally used as a meeting place for The Woman's Century Club.

Today, it's a theater hosting independent and foreign films, the Seattle International Film Festival, and the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. Echoey laughter and apparitions of women dressed in early 1900's style clothing are often encountered on the third floor, and some sort of shadow person haunts the lobby.

West Seattle High School - located at 3000 California Avenue SW in West Seattle, designated a Seattle historic landmark, the school is closed to outside visitors while classes are in session, and is haunted by Rose Higginbotham, a student, who hung herself at the school in 1924.

The school is adjacent to Hiawatha Playfield, an Olmstead Legacy Park designed and built in 1911. Rose Higginbotham and other students as well as apparitions of animals have been seen in the park at sunset and sunrise during periods of heavy fog or on deeply overcast days.

Martha Washington School for Girls - located at 6612 57th Avenue S. Brighton Beach on Lake Washington, the site is now Martha Washington Park, but in the early 1920's it was a boarding school for delinquent girls. It's also known as "The Martha Washington School for Insane Girls".

Rumors of violence committed by both the students and the staff surround the school, including multiple suicides and murders. Residents in the area were always uneasy with its presence and continually asked that the school be moved. This along with extreme budget cuts led to the closure of the school in the early 1970s - only to have the abandoned buildings taken over by a satanic group several years later. After over a decade of complaints about vandalism, animal sacrifices, and other strange goings on, the city council finally voted to demolish the historic buildings and turn the site into a park.

Paranormal events continue to occur at the site, especially around the old trees that were planted by some of the original residents of the school.

Sam Hill's Stonehenge - located in Maryhill, Washington on a bluff overlooking the Columbia river. This legendary spot is a full-size replica of the original Stonehenge in England. Construction began in 1918 but was not completed until 1930, Sam Hill died a short time later and is buried at the base of the bluff.

The Maryhill Museum, also built by Sam Hill, is nearby and worth visiting for the peacocks, unexplained noises and cold spots have been reported inside the museum.

Jimi Hendrix Grave - located in Greenwood Memorial Park at 350 Monroe Avenue NE in Renton Washington. It's about 16 miles outside of Seattle and if you take I-90 you can go across the floating bridge which is interesting if you've never seen a floating bridge before.

Kurt Cobain's Legendary Park Bench - located in Viretta Park at 151 Lake Washington Blvd. E in Seattle. The house where he died is adjacent to the park, it's rumored that he was last seen alive sitting on this bench.

Comment by Travel Bug on August 23, 2012 at 7:34pm
I watched that episode it was scary!
Comment by Travel Bug on August 22, 2012 at 5:19pm

I love Ghost stories!

Comment by Brooke Andersen on August 22, 2012 at 2:43pm

The scene of tonight’s haunting is a cool one!!  TAPS is in Rapid City, South Dakota- at the foot of Mount Rushmore- investing the Hotel Alex Johnson.  This place is so freaky that contractors have walked off the job and refused to return. 

Guess who is joining the team?  Maddie!  She’s a ghost-hunting dog that can pick up on high magnetic fields and animal presences. 

Aside from the typical knocking, shadows and door movement claims, the Alex Johnson Hotel has some substantial claims: growling noises, an aggressive spirit seems to reside there, biting guests and shoving.  Could it be the ghost of a suicidal bride who threw herself from the window of room 812 on her wedding night?

The night starts off on the roof top area that’s under construction.  Jason and Grant are testing out Maddie to see how she responds to certain areas.  She refused to go to the back room, and whaddya know?  High EMFs.  That dog’s nose knows.

This incident inspires the guys to take her to the basement.  The K-2 meters are all lit up, and Maddie is not having any of it.  Now the guys have to get her to act like that when there’s NOT a high EMF field and they’ll have the world’s most awesome paranormal investigator.  Something moved a box- or a noise like that- but it’s just the building noises.

Later, Steve and Tango try out the top floor, and sprinkle flour on the floor to test claims that the chairs move around.  Tango scoots in the crawlspace to check out the growling noises.  Tango has a back-and-forth knocking conversation, and it was just too strange to be just coincidental knocking.  Hmmmm.

Next up is the dreaded room 812: Amy gets to sleep there!  She and Adam decide to test a guest’s claim that a spirit wrote, “help me” in the steam of his shower window.  They write on the window then steam up the bathroom and TA-DA!  Out comes the message.  Turns out Grant and Jason had the same thought, and had penned a practical joke message to Amy on the mirror.  What tricksters!

Jay and Grant hit the 10th floor without Maddie and instead take a thermal imaging reader.  They hear crazy noises, like someone’s walking around.  They don’t see signs of animal, but lots of heating pipes that could easily make growling sounds.  But then Grant spots a figure on the wall through the thermal camera!  It wasn’t a reflection, but what WAS it? Hopefully looking at the image on the big screen will decipher that.

In room 304, Amy feels someone pushing on her head in the exact same bed that the hotel manager had claimed someone pushed on him.  Then Adam felt the same thing on his head!  Then there were odd EMF bursts that don’t just happen in the middle of a bedroom.  Whoa.

Room 304 is also where Jason and Grant feel something blowing on them- like a quick exhale.  Don’t know what to make of that. 

Back in 812, Amy tries to entice the ghost bride by taking pictures with an IR camera and captures a mist. 

Evidence review provides recorded evidence of a deep voice responding to Amy in room 304.  In 802, Adam apparently was visited by footsteps, a door opening and a squeaking noise while he was sleeping.  Freaky.

Comment by Brooke Andersen on August 22, 2012 at 2:41pm

Mount Rushmore Brewing Company is Haunted

Hill City, South Dakota

Mount Rushmore Brewing Company

History of Hill City South Dakota:

Hill City is located about 26 miles southwest of Rapid City, South Dakota on Highway 16 and on U.S. Route 385 connecting Deadwood to Hot Springs.

Hill City is the oldest city in Pennington County, South Dakota. The population of Hill City is about 800 residents. Hill City once depended on mining as its primary industry. Today, it is more of a tourist destination for travelers visiting the Black Hills.

Arikara Indians inhabited the area now known as the Black Hills as far back as 1500 A.D.. Evidence exists that humans lived in the region, however since 7000 B.C.. Lakota Sioux moved into the Hill City region in the 1800's and called the area Paha Sapa.

In 1874, Major General George Custer led an expedition to the Black Hills and discovered gold in the French Creek, 13 miles south of Hill City. Hill City began to be settled by miners in 1876.

Ghosts and Hauntings at the Mount Rushmore Brewing Company in Hill City, South Dakota:

Paranormal activity at the Mount Rushmore Brewing Company seems to be particularly strong on the third floor of the building. Employees report hearing strange noises and objects moving without explanation.

Comment by Brooke Andersen on August 19, 2012 at 4:20pm
Editor's note: A version of this story ran in past editions of the Traveler. It seems fitting that it be resurrected in honor of All Hallows' Eve.

There is perhaps no more ethereal place than the Upper Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. There, when the night skies are thick with scudding clouds taht filter the moonlight, ghostly phantoms promenade on the geysers' drifting zephyrs. But do these wraiths truly exist, haunting the park's geyser fields, forests and lodges, or are they merely conjured by the whooshing geysers and sputtering fumaroles?

There are certainly stories that won't die -- eerie tales of macabre hauntings, such as the bride who stalks the upper reaches of the Old Faithful Inn with her head firmly tucked under her arm, a victim of a honeymoon-night decapitation decades ago. While one of the inn's caretakers, mindful of guests' appetites for the morbid, confesses to creating that gruesome scenario, there are some unexplained mysteries that confound explanation.

Not too many years ago, a woman who stayed with her husband in Room 2 at the creaky Old Faithful Inn awoke to find an apparition floating at the foot of their bed. She immediately roused her husband by digging her fingernails deeply into his shoulder. "Don't you see it?" the woman cried, pointing at a woman dressed in 1890s garb.

And, along with the usual suspect ghost stories about things that go bump in the night, is the tale of a housekeeping employee who watched a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall of the inn's "300" wing execute a 90-degree turn and then drop back to its original position.

Strolling through the majestic log inn, guests find it's easy to envision ghosts drifting along the inner balconies of the 85-foot-high lobby, or down the dimly lit hallways of the "Old House," the first portion of the gabled lodge built during the winter of 1903-04. More than a century of hands have rubbed smooth and shiny the dark log railings that run up the stairs and skirt the balconies. Too, the wooden floors are worn heavily in places where visitors have paused to gaze up at the balconies or the massive stone chimney that commands one corner of the lobby. At night, jigging shadows created by flames dancing in the fireplace dash across across the rough-hewn walls, while wailing winds send shudders through the inn.

If indeed Yellowstone is haunted by ghosts running wild at night, and not imaginations, whose shadows are they?

Could it be that Mattie Culver, who died during childbirth on March 2, 1889, at the now-gone Firehole Hotel once located several miles north of the Old Faithful Inn, fretfully stalks the geyser basin, heart-broken over not living to see her child grow up? When Mrs. Culver died, the hotel's grounds were too frozen to yield a grave, so her body was placed in two pickle barrels and buried in a snowdrift until spring thaw. Today, not far from her grave, is Dead Maiden's Spring.

According to Lee Whittlesey, the park historian and author of Death In Yellowstone, "The grave was later fenced and maintained by the wife of a park concessioner, and Mattie's 18-month-old daughter was sent to live with relatives."

Or perhaps one of the apparitions is that of L.R. Piper, a cashier from the First National Bank of St. Mary's, Ohio, who, on July 30, 1890, stepped out of the now-gone Fountain Hotel to enjoy an after-dinner cigar -- and vanished. U.S. Army troops stationed in Yellowstone at the time searched a month for Piper, and his brother-in-law spent the month of September that year looking for him. At one point, he slept under the stars hoping that coyote howls would lead him to Piper's remains. In his book, Mr. Whittlesey offers his own opinion of what befell Mr. Piper:
Comment by Anticipation . . . on August 19, 2012 at 4:09pm

Thanks, Travel Bug. It was a very interesting experience that got more interesting when I learned more about the hotel.

Comment by Travel Bug on August 19, 2012 at 11:03am

Great Ghost story  Anticipation

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