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Housekeeping - The Seasonal Day Job That Can Change Your Life

You see HOUSEKEEPER Job Posting and you immediately gloss over, thinking "That's so not me." I beg you to stop and take a different look. For many companies, the Housekeeping Staff is the "core entry level pool" from which other positions are filled - same season, future season, or when full-time opportunities arise. Front Desk, Porter, Bell Staff, Driver, Concierge? Who knows!

In the meantime, as a Housekeeper, this is an equal opportunity world - men and women! You'll most likely have an 8 - 5 schedule, you'll develop or hone organizational skills, your own housecleaning will benefit, you'll never be a guest at a hotel - or at your Mom's house - in the same way again (growing in respect for the housekeeping staff), and your daily workout routine will last for 8 hours.

My first summer job in Yellowstone - I agreed to be a "housekeeper". What exactly did that mean? I had no idea. But, agreeing to it took me to Yellowstone. And that was enough.

Once in Wonderland, I went through training and learned the routine, the supplies, the expectations. Which cleaning product to use for what purpose, how to get sheets onto beds in a really efficient way, and how to wind up the vacuum cleaner cord. Molly carts, Biffy boxes, pennies left as tips under pillows, measuring a day in numbers of rooms cleaned and beds made, how make-shift rain gear can be made from trash bags, and interesting international traveler quirks.

Within a few weeks I was promoted to Inspectress, and learned the ropes of being a Truck Driver (my first experience driving a standard transmission). I learned about ordering supplies, scheduling staffs, time cards, people, place and more. Have I mentioned - rocks and vacuum cleaners should never meet, elk and bison are everywhere and sometimes can take cabin housekeepers by complete surprise, how peaceful a busy resort are can be when the guests head out for the day, how my new co-worker John California creates songs on the fly while cleaning tubs, and how much I would miss all this when it's over and I head back to college?

That led to a lifetime of Jobs In The Great Place Known As Yellowstone.

Have I convinced you?

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Comment by Brittney Roundtree on September 27, 2014 at 11:17am

Great post! Housekeeping was one of my jobs this summer. I definitely do not look at staying in hotels the same way anymore. :)

Comment by Keith Larson on September 26, 2014 at 8:19pm

I'd like to try housekeeping.  And FOH.  And Front desk.  But I usually either get ignored...or just asked like.."You don't really want to do that, do you?  We would really like you to consider cooking for us..."

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