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Well I have been back @ GCSR about 3 weeks now. I am working in the snack bar in the remote area of the Desert View Watchtower location....26 miles from the village. 

My housing is the best that Xanterra has to offer here. I have my own room & bathroom and share a kitchen & laundry room with 1 other girl. All for about $24.50 a week. I guess they had to bribe people with good housing in order to get people to live in such a remote place. Now as a comparison,  I am spending the night at a friends townhouse in the village...its a 3 bedroom & 1 bathroom, and she pays about $400 for rent PLUS she has to pay all her utilities.. where my utilities are all included in my cheap rent.

We are short-staffed at work, so I am getting plenty of overtime. Its a snack bar, so you learn everything...cashiering, grill cooking, and putting order deliveries away and you get to cross train in the trading post also. Summer time will be crazy.standing on my feet for 10+ hours a day is not fun (hopefully my body gets used to that).

Someone who works in the gift shop there drove me to the clinic in the village so I could get antibiotics for my abscess teeth yesterday, and today I will be taking a tour bus back out to Desert View. But first I hope to make it over to the employee cafe for an omelette later this morning.

A co-worker lent me a portable dvd player so I have watched a few movies. Someday if I ever get to Flagstaff I want to buy my own. I also want to get an at&t cell phone...its the only one that works in my area.

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Comment by Leo Anderson on April 16, 2014 at 11:57pm


Thank you for the update! I am glad you like your housing! It sounds amazing! It also is good to hear you are able to get a ride to the village to stay at your friends place on days off! I am sure everything will fall into place for you! Have a blessed summer / stay at the GCSR!



Comment by aggie71 on April 15, 2014 at 6:06pm

Glad to hear you're getting settled in.  I'm liking my digs at Mesa Verde; nice apartment by myself and close to where I work....but much more expensive than your place (I pay $606/month).  Have a great summer Sunni.  Richard

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