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I am beyond annoyed with our supposed representatives in D.C. They need to get to work- for we, the people. This is the letter I sent to both my Senators and my Congressman this morning. 

Dear Senator,
This whole sequestration matter is ridiculous. I am sure there are thousands of ways to cut the budget without affecting services to our veterans and certainly without delaying the opening of the summer season for our National Parks. 
How about cuts to the travel budget for Fed offices? This is the 21st century and conferences should be done via Skype or video conferencing. ALL Senators and Representatives should be traveling via commercial carriers, not via Air Force or other government transport. 
Why not have every Dept head give up ONE staff member?
How about we get rid of all the unused office space and real estate? 
Let's get some regular American citizens in to look things over in each department. I am positive we can find the fat and cut it out. 
It has been how many years since a budget was passed? No disrespect intended, but we do pay you to do the work of the people. Let's get it done!

I have about had it with these people! Special interests. Living high on the hog. Parties, conferences, their own special travel and health insurance. What ever happened to Congress shall make no law that does not apply equally to them? 

Enough is enough. There are hundreds of buildings the Federal Government owns that are not used, not rented, just sitting there. Every Congress person has an office budget of over a million dollars! Why are they traveling on Air Force planes? Why are we giving money and military equipment to Egypt, Pakistan, Afghanistan etc etc etc ad nauseum? 

I am absolutely 100% positive there is money to be saved - but lets have some common sense.

And how about they pass a budget? Do the work for which we pay them.

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Comment by aggie71 on March 5, 2013 at 1:38pm

It's not about placing blame.  I frankly don't care who is at fault.  All of them must realize that nothing is getting done.  As Melissa so eloquently said...."get to work!"

Comment by Leo Anderson on March 5, 2013 at 1:33pm

Melissa and Aggie,

You seem to forget this sequestration is a result of Congress and Senators inactions. President Obama didn't pass this law. Furhtermore, Congress and Senators didn't put a measure in the sequestration that would cut their pay or benefits should a deal not be reached..... President Obama is the least at fault since he can't get laws passed without Congress or 60 votes in the Senate. Like him or not, you have to concede to problem with Republicans playing chicken with our economy. Under Bush, Democrats passed laws with a simple majority. Under Obama it takes 60 votes in the Senate. Lets not place all the blame on the wrong person.



Comment by Melissa Whitener on March 5, 2013 at 7:41am

aggie- I agree- constant campaigning. Which is why I also believe there should be term limits for Congress.

Cutting the first lady's staff from 26 to ten would be good as well. And Obama needs to give up the campaigning and get some work done!

Comment by aggie71 on March 5, 2013 at 7:21am

Right on Melissa! Except don't forget the executive branch.....the President shares the blame for problems not getting's all of them. Trouble is the election apparently never ended...we are in an era of continuous campaigning and it is killing the country.  We have so many important challenges and to have a non-functional government is inexcusable. 

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