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I just happened upon a new great place to work in Teton Village, Wyoming. That is the official name for the town that the Jackson Hole ski hill is in just outside of Jackson, Wyoming. It is a new property management company called Terra Resort Group. I am at the 59th ( fifty-ninth ) front desk that I can remember and it is the best. Management, benefits, coworkers - everything the company has control over is just great. TRG runs 3 hotels side by side at the base of the mountain. Run don't walk to Terra Resort Group. Among previous favorites were the Lodge at Vail, the Hamilton Store at Canyon in Yellowstone and Pahaska Teepee Resort. Anyone else got some treasure they want to share?

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Comment by Katie on May 31, 2009 at 1:49am
Thanks for the info, I'm there this summer, too.
Comment by Dan on April 27, 2009 at 10:25am
Hi Julie,
That's one of the first things that recedes in the distance when working the resorts. You not only stop worrying about your age, time - in some instances - seems to truly go backwards and instead of feeling aged, you think of yourself as better-paced than others. Really!
Comment by Julie on April 26, 2009 at 7:38pm
I am so glad you wrote this- I am working there this summer, and was concerned about my age. I am not as young as most ;) I am really excited and thank you for your thorough analysis
Comment by Dan on April 21, 2009 at 8:55am
Pahaska is by genus a dude ranch. However, it is bigger than most dude ranches and not of the fancy variety. It has a road-side motel, horses, a restaurant, gift shop, convenience store/gas station and a bar. All are on the rather small side but in combination - along with the setting, it is a fairly conducive setting for a getaway. The stretch of highway from the Park border to Cody has about 7 dude ranches and Pahaska seems to be the clubhouse for all the employees who at least used to gather one night a week at the bar for twenty-five cent cups of beer. Kathy of this website was the bartender when I worked there. The employee housing is was basic but not too much different from the housing in some of the National Parks. The employee meals were on the better side but, as in almost all EDRs, there were days of disappointment. The crew we had had lots of variety, old and young, very together and pretty disolute. The whole experience was maybe a little like "Dirty Dancing Goes to the Wilderness". The owner is a polite person and the resort's been in his family for years. Your job is somewhat dependent upon the quality of your supervisor in terms of morale. As in all resorts, some supervisors get along with employees better than others and we had a pretty good one in the gas station. I think the servers in the dining room made the most money and, to tell the truth, they might have had the most fun. The wranglers were a bit of a wild crew and it wasn't uncommon for one to wear a sidearm for snake control. We got to ride the horses a mile up to the corral when the wranglers put away the remuda each night and then we took a truck inner tube back down the Sun River! The hiking's pretty good but bears are a very big deal there and you gotta watch out for news, especially of grizzlies and pay attention. One couple got harassed by a griz in a tree platform and spent what was probably the worst night of their lives even though the guy had a revolver and was firing it off.
A summer at Pahaska will probably be a back-to-nature extreme unequalled anywhere else in your life. You realize money isn't everything and that time goes on even if you are kind of trying to put it on hold. A nice mix of activities and socializing and partying and working seems to be the best policy. If someone gets out of sorts there, the community is small enough - maybe 40? - to make it kind of awkward as you see them at each meal etc. We used to have movie night in the original Buffalo Bill Lodge and that was well-attended. Day trips to Cody and the Park were frequent and at least one duo of employees competed in the nightly amateur roping contest in the Cody Rodeo. It's on the rainy side in June and that can be kind of a bummer. Close quarters and everything damp for days at a time. On occasion it was noisy at night in the employee housing but not too much. The pay at Pahaska was low. It was very difficult to save anything and you have to really look out if you need to have a certain amount of money to relocate when the season ends. I'd do it again if I could afford it and point it out as an example of one of the great kinds of resort employment. Older folks feel young. Outdoorsy people are in heaven. Real young people just there for the experience have a great intro to the work world. You can't help having a social life. I believe, Scott, you - like many of us before you - will have the summer, or at least one of them, of your life.
Comment by Scott on April 18, 2009 at 3:50am
Wow! I finally found someone that went to Pahaska! Have any tips or info for me?

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