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Today I'd like to talk about hiking :-)  Wow.....there are loads of places to hike around here!  I am just beginning to realize what a hiker's paradise this is in fact.  Yesterday one of my Ranger buddies and one of our interns went on a really neat hike with me up Bear Creek north of Delores Colorado.   The weather was glorious....mid 70's with a really nice, cool breeze.... and the landscape was breathtaking.   For all you out there that think "desert" when you think Mesa Verde .... ah guess again.   This hike went through amazing aspen forests and tall fir trees....very much "in the forest" kind of hike and was only an hour or so north of the park!    That's what's so great about this area.....there is such a variety of hikes you can do....either Mesa Top, pueblo ruins, desert hikes, forest hikes, and even Mountain hikes (the La Plata mountains are right down the road from Mesa Verde) (very dramatic in fact).   Another thing worth mentioning is all the blooming flowers this time of year.   It is an amazing array of colors as you hike through the mountain meadows this time of year!  We saw mountain iris, wild strawberries, and lots of other flowers in full bloom.....outstanding!   It got busy in the Visitor's center last week, but I'm still loving my job!  Till next time ... Ranger Rich

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Comment by Carol on June 13, 2011 at 8:58am

Thanks Nancy, for your understanding. I hate being negative, just want to be honest to give a heads up to all my other coolworkers.Good luck and best wishes on your new job, hope you love everything about it.

Sorry Aggie for hijacking this post of yours. I don't want to post a blog on coolworks until I've processed the season in my head and heart.

Comment by Nancy B. on June 12, 2011 at 7:56pm
Wow, Carol. I read your post. There is something terrible in the air, or water, or food. So many so steadfast and sincere are meeting this new America. It isn't the same one we all revered throughout history, is it? I start my job tomorrow. it will work out, or not. Either way, I hope to be able to match your fortitude and clarity. You have become another hero of mine. Congratulations. It's nice to be admired, yes?
Comment by Carol on June 12, 2011 at 5:48pm

Aggie, read my  June 11th post for clarification on this season.

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