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It is funny the things that first pop into your mind about leaving the comforts of home for a summer or winter season. I would say for most it is things like: "Will there be wi-fi in the employee house?" (got to Skype mom back at home), "What is cell phone coverage like in West Glacier?" (seriously call your mom, she misses you), but, I am sure that the top comforts most people don't think about (as silly as they sound): "Where is the nearest Costco?" You might laugh, but when I did a season in Glacier National Park, and found out the nearest grocery store was an hour away, and the nearest Costco (two hours away) became my best friend. Also something I didn't think about when I jumped on that train to Montana when I was 19, was the nearest doctor/dentist. A month and half into my season I broke a tooth, and ended up needing an emergency root cannel, the nearest dentist was a solid two hours away...

I honestly can't wait to be back out in the mountains in the middle of no where. Miles away from busy traffic, the bright lights, and the sounds of sirens, but as I lay in bed on modified bed rest because today I found out I have three different strands of strep throat and mono, I realize there are some advantages to living in town. It was only a 5 minute drive to the doctor's office, and the pharmacy was right across the street. I am very happy this happened while I was still at home before I left for the summer, who knows if I would have been able to get treated as quickly as I was able to here at home.

A few things to remember before you leave for a season:

1) Go to the doctor/dentist for a check up

2) If you are on any medications, make sure your doctor knows you are leaving the area. If you are going somewhere off the grid, make sure you have the right amount of all your meds (even if they are simple prescriptions like birth control, allergy meds, ect.) to last you your whole season, or that you will be able to refill them at a the nearest pharmacy wherever you will be.

3) Remember to take a daily vitamin. I know this sounds silly, but when you are working in high tourist areas and traveling your immune system needs that extra boost to keep healthy. (Probably why I am sick right now, I have been skipping mine)

I know that I will be getting lots of rest in the next few weeks, and fingers crossed I will be back up on my feet and doctor approved to be back in the world shortly!

Stay healthy everyone!

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Comment by Kathryn on January 20, 2014 at 9:08pm

Thank you Kari, I am finally starting to feel like my old self. :)

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