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When Does “Some” become an Obsession?

I’m almost finished packing up the RV to get on the road. Carrying my accommodation with me is going to be a great benefit, but being much smaller quarters then I’m used to required many difficult decisions. To take, or not to take? has been the question applied to everything I own. The big items were easy, places found for them on a “where will it go?” basis: kayak mounted rooftop, and bicycle on a rack behind. Car, not able to be towed, had to be sold. Smaller but needworthy items were categorized, multiples scrutinized, and just a few of each selected. Goodwill has benefited well from me in these past months.

It’s the smallest of the items that has given me the most problems. What harm could come from taking a few extra books, CDs, etc? Extra t-shirts and socks will always come in handy.

But therein lies my obsession: Socks!

I have a couple of small drawers for ‘personals’, one contains underwear, gloves, ear muffs, etc. The other is crammed full to the rim with socks: warm wool socks for winter, long socks, short socks, black socks for under dark pants, light socks for under light, silk and wool liner socks, my treasured bamboo toesocks for hiking liners, mini socks for tennis shoes and sandals, even a pair of Santa socks for Christmas! I haven’t counted them. I wouldn’t dare. The fact remains, the drawer is barely closeable. I just went through them again, and can’t part with any. I may have need of every pair. I can’t possibly cull them any smaller.

As I forced the drawer closed one last time I made a pact with myself: I just won’t buy any more socks. But the thing that always draws me when I’m shopping is socks. I love to feel them, I love the colors and textures. I almost always look at the sizing chart to see if they would fit, even though I know I don’t need more socks. My REI dividend came this week. No prizes for guessing that one of the first things I checked on REI’s site was the current price of bamboo toesocks, size small!

Maybe I should just get a bigger RV……

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Comment by Carol on March 8, 2009 at 11:57am
ok, Janette, stuff a pillowcase with all them socks, and it becomes the "unwanted-guest" pillow.
"oh, I 'm sorry you're not comfortable, its the best pillow I have" unwanted-guests-begone-pillow scores another hit.

Of course, anyone you want to stay, give them another the cowboys-from-heaven pillow.

Comment by Jim on March 8, 2009 at 11:26am
And speaking of REI. It's a love/hate relationship for me. They've got great products, but they pull the smoke and mirrors thing with the sales and "dividend" which all balances out to paying regular retail prices since their "regular" prices are very high. Oh well, what are 'ya gonna do? ;)

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