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I wasn't always crazy about sharing a room with ex's either and
 believe me sharing space with any other roomie isn't all that
much different...especially after years of having a room to myself.

I promise to complain about the temp of the room especially if you keep
the windows open and a fan going all night during the cold season...and
"cold season" is whenever I feel cold. So don't be surprised when I get
a space heater and crank it up.

If I am working the night shift, don't expect me to go to bed the minute
I get home from work even if you have already been in bed for hours. As
an example...I went to bed about 1:45am today and then was up making coffee
at 6:30am. My newest roomie was in bed when I got home and she was still
in bed when I made coffee. I do promise not to make alot of loud noises
though...unless you consider my tapping on a keyboard or my coffeepot loud.
Don't think my last roomie liked it when I handed her earplugs to sleep with.

I don't live in Hollywood, so I don't need to entertain you on your days off.
I have lived without TV for years so I probably won't hang out with you in the
TV room of our dorm building either. I get my social interaction at work
chatting with hundreds of guests & co-workers every week, so my time off, I
actually like the peace & quiet to be by myself. I won't be keeping my door
of our shared room open just to see who is wandering the hallway

Seeing as seasonal roomies only share a room and not a bed; don't have a fit
if I don't always make my bed. Seeing as I have scoliosis its actually quite
comfortable for me to sleep on the hard floor. As long as I ain't sleeping in
front of your closet or near the shared sink, it should not be a problem....oh yeah,
most roomies are still sleeping and don't always notice that :)

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Comment by Sunni on March 3, 2013 at 6:14pm

Nooo, the moment I am unemployed. I share a mobile trailer with an 18 year old and a small dog. Rather easy to just shut my door on both of them when I want.

Comment by Leo Anderson on March 3, 2013 at 5:43pm


I like how you are always upfront and direct.... Does this mean you found a seasonal job for the summer of 2013? If so, where? When do you start? I look forward to reading your blog posts about that experience. Have a great day!



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